Monday, March 14, 2011

Staying with the Oneness

Japan is on the other side of the world from where I am in New England, and yet the human family is right there.

Coming on the tragic heels of the recent quake in Christchurch New Zealand, the Japanese earthquake of unprecedented magnitude on Friday March 11 that led to the devastating tsunami and ongoing nuclear reactor emergency is at first unimaginable to me. News media gets sometimes criticized for sensationalism when it puts a human face on disaster with anecdotal stories of victims and heroes, but these can help connect us to our sisters and brothers who ask us to stay with our feelings for the sake of our shared humanity.

For me, a turning point came when I was watching various online videos, and one aerial view showed the wall of dirty water and debris sweeping in toward a highway. The height was safely distancing, and I figured I was just watching some evacuated farmland and machinery going to waste. Suddenly, oh my God, there are cars trying to escape, there are people driving those cars! The highway ran parallel to the coast, so there was no getting away. I knew that those people died even though the video was cut just before they were swallowed up.

Spirit had told a friend some weeks ago to offer an energy attunement lecture of an unspecified nature on Friday night, so trusting Spirit she scheduled it. My partner and I had already signed up for a two day workshop on the Melchizedek Method for Saturday and Sunday. None of us had any idea until Thursday night that the weekend was going to be largely about sending healing to Japan.

The Friday night lecture went from being an obscure listing to a major event, as dozens of strangers showed up to meditate and send as much love and light as we could in a large dodecahedron. Then at the workshop, everyone had studied reiki and could feel a spiritual connection to the grief of Japan. It's true that cultural differences can segment humanity and buffer us from one another, so it's important to find a heart path to relating and caring for distant friends.

The Melchizedek Method involves visualizing a rotating golden sphere called the hologram of love, which is etched with the flower of life pattern. The flower of life is a sacred geometry design of overlapping circles that can be used to derive the major square roots and polygons, so it's especially powerful when seen in 3d since that will generate all the platonic solids and forms of this universe.

Saturday night I was feeling tired from the workshop, so I just wanted to rest. I got the idea to visualize a lovely Zen garden for relaxation. Suddenly in my mind's eye, a dark sweeping shadow came and left swampy ruined buildings and cracked streets everywhere; it was very vivid. In my comfortable distance from the suffering on the other side of the world, my first thought was to interpret this symbolically. Then I remembered, oh my God, this is Japan right now! The Zen garden had connected me to a side of myself that was closer for caring.

So I sent a hologram of love from my heart into the sky, watching it fly eastward and grow until it was big enough to cover Japan by the time it arrived. The sphere settled like a dome on the island nation, and then I saw colored lights like shooting star care packages fly in toward Japan from all over the universe, entering and splashing brightly on the flower of life windows in the giant hologram of love dome.

The multi-hued petals in the flower of life became the pattern of a great stained glass window of protection for the entire country. By this I knew that tremendous loving attention is coming in from all dimensions to help the suffering people, assistance on all the rays. Beauty is being offered amidst tragedy, to rescue souls from despair. You know the lights will correspond well to many tales we will hear of heroic love and coming together, true stories that will open our hearts to the courage of the Japanese people and the awakening of more humanity. Let us look for more of this hope together.

On Sunday, our group visualized many more holograms of love, placing them on all the people and locations affected by the earthquake, and then beyond to freedom fighters in the Middle East as well.

This blog entry has been anecdotal and esoteric, so you might or might not relate. But the basic idea is this: find your way to care. Stay with the Oneness as humanity goes through the changes of the coming years, whatever they will be. Your brothers and sisters are not so different nor distant as you might think. There is great strength in your attention, and you can't imagine how much it will help and heal in ways that you may never see. Firstly, to establish your own choice to belong to the world that is being saved, and secondly, to reunite you with the loved ones you haven't met yet. But above all, to love just because you can.

Love is what you are, and until you give yourself the gift of loving through every situation that your karma may bring, then you will not know your true nature. Do not listen to the lost ones who will say it is too far away or too late, there is nothing you can do, just save yourself. Those voices would deprive you of your own infinite soul, which is One with the will of God to remember and give strength to all.

Matthew 10:29-31
What is the price of two sparrows -- one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

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