Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Letting go...

Someone posted on facebook that Joseph Campbell said "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

My spontaneous comment was:

I would say it's not so much about letting go what we want, as letting go the idea that we aren't already on our way to getting it. It's the insistent disappointment and fear that we won't ever have what we want that blocks us from working with what we have now to fully reach it. It's like if there are 10 steps to getting what we want, and the universe says yes here is step 1, we're refusing to take that step if we don't see the connection and just say no, I should already be done by now. The universe is saying it's fine, the future you has it, feel it, become. A part of you is there and that's how you desire it, the rest of you is here and moving closer to conscious experience, so let's close the gap with another lesson. The only reason "letting go" ever works is if that helps us get into the moment to receive love and take the next steps naturally, until the universe says surprise, you made it! Letting go doesn't work and causes more pain if a person hears it as saying give up, stop desiring. Desire is always needed to manifest anything.

... I will admit to feeling reactive on this, obviously there are things I'm working on. I'm trying to find the right co-creative balance with the universe, since I believe all that happens comes from partnership. People who say I surrender, God's will be done, miss the point that God is waiting for us to decide what we want to try. Such people will get samples of possibilities based on other people deciding for them, and probably have a compromised life. Likewise, people who say I want whatever I say right now miss the other point, that there is balance and cooperation for deeper lessons of self-discovery. Even though the universe says yes to every choice, there are steps it gives to transform us there. And thank goodness for that, because those steps give us time to evaluate, to refine or adjust our choices as we learn deeper things about ourselves, our values, and real destined talents. Ultimately, the universe wants and needs us to be authentically joyfully contributing from our souls, that's why it has some input on the life that is "waiting for us".

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