Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome 99%

I'm amazed at the spiritual tears I feel every time I read about this new movement that started in the United States with last month's Occupy Wall Street protest and is now spread to all major cities including Boston. 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth in this country that was created over two centuries ago to uphold the ideals of freedom and human potential to a world that was dark with oppression and tyranny, including in its own backyard. Now the 99% is rising up to express the suffering which is everywhere and always has been, only now they are more educated and aware that it didn't have to be this way and by an ascension of shared human values may soon never be again. Do not underestimate this movement, it is self-organizing and beyond partisanship. From young idealists in the coastal cities to unemployed laborers in the midwest it is growing daily with a pure heart and a great energy of the divine intention to liberate peacefully and irresistably.

Below is the email I received to join the movement with a photo, and the picture of me I submitted.

God bless,


As the nights grow colder, the passion of the brave occupiers of Wall Street only grows stronger.

They're called "the 99%," because they stand for all of us left behind by the massive concentration of wealth among the richest 1%. The protesters' unrelenting campaign against the corporate takeover of our democracy is being fought in the best traditions of nonviolent resistance.

The 99% are both an inspiration and a call that needs to be answered. So we're answering it today, in a nationwide Virtual March on Wall Street to support their demand for an economy that serves the many, not the few.

If you've been waiting for an opportunity to stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, today is the day to get off the sidelines. Join in the virtual march by doing what hundreds have done spontaneously across the web: Take your picture holding a sign that tells your story, along with the words "I am the 99%."

Post an "I am the 99%" photo.

Or, send the protesters a message of support and we'll deliver it directly to the 99% protesters on Wall Street today.

Send your message of support.

Or click here to see what others have posted and be inspired.

The 99% protesters represent all of us who are being left behind: union workers, public servants, the poor, the unemployed, seniors, the disabled, young people graduating off a cliff to no jobs, and all of us who are seeing our American Dream slip away.

These are the very people that the American Dream Movement was built to lift up and amplify, which we can do across the country by showing the 99% protesters that we share their frustration and stand with them.

Thousands of people from unions, community groups, and the American Dream Movement are physically marching today to Wall Street in solidarity with the 99% protesters. But we need this to go national, online, and viral with tens of thousands of members across the country joining the Virtual March on Wall Street in support of the 99%.

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