Monday, January 31, 2011

The Five Principles

Osiris image by Jeff Dahl
from wikipedia

Here’s something I channeled in the hypnagogic state after waking a couple of mornings ago. I’ve been getting better at letting words come through very clearly in my mind, which I then write down or speak into my audio recorder. I also get an image to help confirm and clarify each batch of words. Such channeling is distinct from my usual process of journaling for hours around my own consciousness with inspirational guidance to take me to higher levels. Either way though, I’ve also been getting better at asking who helped me when a session is done, and the following was identified as coming from Osiris.

Egyptian wisdom has been coming to more lately, ever since my partner and I attended a Hathors initiation with Tom Kenyon last year. According to Wikipedia, Osiris is the benevolent god of the afterlife and the dead. He guides resurrection into new life and is thus associated with nature’s cycles and the annual return of vegetation (he is green like the green man). Osiris is merciful and wise, and has been called "Lord of love", "He Who is Permanently Benign and Youthful", and the "Lord of Silence". It would appear that the following information is perfectly congruent with this, and meant to guide us into the new life of eternal love and enlightenment on the New Earth.

Exactly the sort of thing I like to write about too, so thank you, Osiris!

At 7am on Saturday 1/29/2011, a thought-voice says in my head: “Do you know the 5 principles of health?”

I reply spontaneously in my mind: “I may know my own version of them, but what are they?”

Image: I see in my mind’s eye one of those tall Egyptian cone hats (like Osiris wears, I find out later) with a snake head on the front (a uraeus it’s called, it represents the spiritual powers that rise up the spine from the activated human energy system. In India the energy is called the kundalini which rises up the chakras, in Egypt it is called the sekhem and rises up the djed)

So Osiris is coming in. I relax and breathe, settling in with my audio recorder at my fingertips.

“1) Enlightenment is a fire of the mind, a heat of the body, wear it like a crown and be mighty and wise.”

Image: I see a large bell, like a liberty bell ringing. The resonance is good, the liberating message is coming through. Osiris is referring to the raising of the djed energy, as he has himself achieved and exhibits.

“2) Celebration is a charm that enlivens the body and awakens the dead, use it to find your true love.”

Image: I see a microscope. I wonder, is there more detail to look for? I hear, you got it. So the meaning I derive is that the energy of celebration helps us to focus on appreciating details to become more alive. Celebrate on the path to awakening your eternal love. Isis is the eternal mate of Osiris, they must be very happy together.

“3) Often is announced the coming of the new age, but rarely is it foretold as it truly appears.”

Image: I see a kidney bean. No wait, it’s that shape but more, it’s a human foetus. And I feel an energy shift downward that is relaxing and grounding. So what appeared to be the seed of a plant is so much more, it is the seed of a human being complete with all of its infinite potential. So too, we can anticipate a new age for some new growth and prosperity, but we do well to stay open and humble to so much more miracle coming. There is a complete rebirth of ourselves into divinity that is in process.

“4) The window of opportunity is a grey area upon the difference between your desire for outcome and the knowledge that you’re already there.”

Image: I see two spires of a great cathedral, like Chartres. So this dualistic principle of our spiritual nature is deep for further pondering, as it suggests the power of consciousness to pull realities out of the fog that exists between desiring what we think we don’t have and feeling that we already have it in energy. This is taught by Abraham-Hicks as the law of attraction, whereby to attract into manifestation what we want, we have only to feel and discover how much we can already hold it inside of ourselves. Or as Lazaris says, the steps to getting there are the qualities of being there.

“5) To welcome the dawn of the new knowing, relax your attitudes about what has been and will be. The apex of creation is found in the moment that lies still within you, within the song of your soul.”

Image: I see a hummingbird hovering. A hummingbird is a beautiful image for the singing soul, so active and so still simultaneously, so poised and precise for the drinking of nectar from the flowers of creation. In the perfect dynamism of our souls which know where to feed, we will find all the confidence to let go the preconceptions that make us nervous and might cause us to miss the great sunrise of humanity that is happening now.

Then to conclude, I get the following message of encouragement for how to cocreate in loving partnership.

“Any effect that is truly desired will be found upon the bridge between your mind and the mind of another. Go to the one you love and bring yourself as the gift of desire to be given as offering of the gods. Knowing the value of your totality is the gift itself. You cannot give to another without having given this gift to yourself, and you will receive the gift as the offering you call forth to be worthy in the presence of the one you most love."

"So shall it be, my dear friend and companion, in the light and the way of all beings who would know eternity, and eternity’s flame of desire to love without end. For that is the engine of truth, that we can never stop loving, nor can we ever stop being loved. Love is the spark of desire for everything holy and good, it makes it right to become super powerful, omniscient, all-knowing: a god in your case, a goddess in hers.”

I so totally believe this, but I could not have said it so well! I was in such admiration and appreciation for this profoundly inspiring message of existing for and by love.

At this point I asked, who is helping me? And I saw a fist holding upright a kind of double flared spindle, not sure what that is. The hand then opened to me and the object turned into a blue mist that settled on me like a blessing. I then saw a falcon or hawk, and heard “It is Osiris, bringer of truth, keeper of the dawn, I became Apollo in later years.”

(That seemed odd, wasn't Ra the Egyptian sun god, wouldn't he be the one who became Apollo? Perhaps Osiris’ association with the cycles of nature that bring light, growth, and warmth overlap with Ra, so in this case Osiris became a quality of Apollo with his chariot of the sun that brings dawn and enlightenment each day. The falcon or hawk is a symbol of Ra, and earlier Horus who was the continuation of Osiris. Ra/Horus also traveled across the underworld of Osiris each night when he was not illuminating the above world during the day, so perhaps these gods can work together in the new dawning era. I definitely heard the name Osiris, and his command of new beginnings and resurrection and eternal life, along with his soulmate knowledge of Isis, would make the message of such creative love seem his domain.)

(Later I think I figured it out, when I was drawn to consult "Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt" by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, highly recommended to me by friends. The point of Osiris is that he leads the way for each of us to resurrect and regenerate toward becoming the radiant being of golden source light whom Ra and Horus and the sun represent. Thus do these gods indeed work together, and the path of human ascension is what Osiris was alluding to by connecting the truth of love that he brings with the dawning of Earth and becoming Apollo. Even more clarity and beauty of this path can be found in Tom Keyon's book "The Magdalen Manuscript", which I have since gratefully read.)

Lastly, I see a left hand held upward, palm toward me, with an eye in the center, and I am drawn to the thumb pointing further to the left, the side of spiritual receiving. So I relax and breathe, sending energy downward to ground my body. I hear the name “Hephaestus” as I feel my lungs like bellows to send heat into my arms and legs, which get hotter and vibrate. I ask Hephaestus to help me, and I see the left ear of a monkey’s head facing left.

Hephaestus was the Greek god of metallurgy, craftsmanship, and technology. And truly the human body, evolved from the monkey and so oft derided as something less than fully divine by those who are not lovers (recall that the unattractive Hephaestus was thrown out of Olympus by his own family and fell to Earth to become lame), is a marvel of nature’s technology for helping us unite our consciousness with a godly inheritance. Our bodies have heard the pleas of our spirits to ascend, they guide us Home now, so we have only to let Heaven meet Earth in our own incarnated soul lives.

Be ye the gods and goddesses that ye once were again, and love everlasting in the wisdom of your immortal true selves!

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