Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sunday 11pm:

"Thrive" is a new must-see documentary that I just loved, all about the past and future of the human potential. I write this praise at the end of a long day which began with a friend's email recommending that I watch the film on youtube, where segments are being allowed to post.

I did not intend to spend the precious time as I've been working hard journaling and writing all weekend from my own guidance to finish my book asap about the spirituality and psychology of relationships, in addition to my responsbilities for job and family. So I'm already full busy but the energy was right, I now can admit. I've been experiencing profound effects of releasing the past and balancing the masculine/feminine energies within myself, resulting in sensations of increased divine bliss and communication with angelic extraterrestrial beings. Suddenly this morning I found myself working up to watching this two hour documentary, by writing the blog entry below which processed a little more of where I was coming from. After appropriately enough bagging leaves with the kids and becoming quite tired, I still felt guided to make time to see "Thrive" tonite, and I'm so glad that I did!

My personal priorities to not get caught up in frightened judgmental thinking (what inspired my pre-viewing blog entry) are addressed in the movie, despite its recapping of many conspiracy theories after a soaring inspirational beginning. This approach has caused some love-hate reactions in audiences and worried me when I read some online critics. Yes, "Thrive" builds the view of a global elite that is manipulating humanity into poverty and slavery, but it has reason to even when it overly connects the dots, engages in some weak self-justifications, and entertains sound bites from sensational psuedo-experts.

For example, to suggest that the evil of banks lies in fractional reserve lending is sensational, since that's what a bank is: they keep a fraction of your money and loan the rest out so you can make interest and they can run a business. The alternative is full reserve banking, where you'd have to pay to keep your money locked up in a safe even as it could lose value to inflation. Of course, as today's highly profitable megabanks increasingly charge us for every fee they can invent, and interest rates are abysmal because the economy has been manipulated and mismanaged by those banks, then we get the worst of both worlds and reason to be paranoid! Good advice is given to put your money in local banks and credit unions who are more likely to be honest and motivated to manage fair returns to attract customers.

Through every conspired crisis, whether under or over stated, the narrator is gentle and caring. The context is one of increasing awareness and holding conviction that things didn't have to be this way. The film begins with poetic visions of Earth's majesty, human brilliance and beauty, and fabulous graphics of sacred geometry including the torus and flower of life. So there's plenty to react to for your own tendencies toward fear or inspiration. Viewers who get stuck in depression or cynicism simply have those energies to work through, and do well to not just shoot the messenger.

Through the whirlwind tour of conspiracies and fantasies that dog the human potential, the point remains that we have sufficient evidence of unecessary tragedy, both historical and personal, that the heart of the open mind can forgive leaps of logic to experience deeper emotional validations. For me, I was surprised at how suddenly and intensely I cried when the domination of native america was mentioned to make clear that the course of freedom in this country has been long corrupted and threatened. I was also deeply moved when the narrator's wife spoke of the more recent apparent suppression of cancer cures which could have saved so many people she loved. I too have lost many to cancer.

The film was financed by a rich white man, Foster Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble fortune, who at an early age was guided by mystical experience to make a bigger difference for humanity than to just join the elite to which he was born and raised. Foster is sincere and makes that difference now in this crowning achievement, a film which leads the viewer through sobering realizations of current perils into the hope, inspiration, and profound recommendations for life-long action that contribute to realizing the dream of Heaven on Earth, as I work for and call it. Foster never actually mentions the word God but has plenty to say about the spiritual, intelligent, living universe which is abundant and giving, just waiting for us all to rediscover and tap its wisdom and power for eternal love, life and liberty. So the sacred origins of his mission are clear! A large website of links and information backs up the movie for your further study, so this is a deeply committed resource for your own entry into the awakening tomorrow.

Thank you Foster and all who support you! I'm honored to welcome you into my own heart and visions for the future. I like to think he would appreciate my path of ending the reactive judging mind beginning in the self, because his movie also encourages people to work together in non-violence and stop demonizing each other to see the real problems and solutions we face today. Turning human beings against their own interests by various fear mongering schemes to divide and conquer is one tool of the real predator, both inside and out.

Thanks again to the friend who insisted that I should watch the movie, because I'm glad I did, and by my own path of the earlier reactions I had in the blog entry below. It may seem peevish and overly personal in retrospect, but I stand by what I wrote as part of honestly working up to letting more in. I like to think that we can all respect to share and learn from the processing that is humanly needed to grow into new levels of spiritual family connection, for that is what I feel is a gift of the movie. We all have our stories of humbling paths to follow in order to reach the greater vistas together.

I wish much peace and joy to all who celebrate this week of Thanksgiving! May the new world and old come together in a time of goodwill and feasting.


ps - tip: if you try watching the movie on youtube and one version gets stuck, just keep scrolling for another that works, as I had to. Perhaps Foster is so wealthy and idealistic that he is allowing some free viewing, but it's also only $5 to stream it from the official website, or $20 for dvd, at

Sunday 11am:

An interesting new film called "Thrive" debuted on 11/11/11, a date which due to a preponderance of 1's was supposed to be more magical than any other day in which you decide for yourself to change your own life forever.

I hadn't heard of it. I was at an 11/11/11 concert and guided meditation at which I was insightfully miserable and alienated, seated in the back of the room by myself looking over occasionally to a whole row of serendipitously contiguous exes who had no place for me in their life that evening or possibly ever, but who seemed to be all getting along rather splendidly. Ex-whats I can't say exactly, some sort of soulmates, you know how with past lives it can all get so complicated? It's sweet really, to be on the journey of finding the right relationships with each other, so I'm not bitter, I'm grateful, just confused and confounded at times.

There was only one friend who happened to be sitting near me, and she described her recent trip to Turkey, it was great, how did mine go for that world reincarnation conference I was looking forward to on my birthday? Oh, thanks for reminding me, that was one of my broken dreams involving the exes. So I was not just imagining the theme of the evening! It was uncanny, and I could feel the effects of some conspiracy. Later another friend told me she saw me and considered saying hi, but something kept her away. My energy was off and people could feel it!

So a week later I'm feeling much better and reconnected with my friends. This morning I was notified by another ex-something who is very excited about the anti-poverty Occupy protest movement and the recent crackdowns against it, about this movie called Thrive. Apparently it's a major inspirational big-budget new age revelation about how humanity would thrive if only there weren't all these conspiracies working tirelessly against it. The ETs tried to give us free limitless energy technology but that got suppressed, GMO foods are making us slaves, illuminati bankers rule the world with the money they print for themselves, the flower of life is everywhere but constantly discredited, helpless people and nature are suffering in a closed system, etc. I watched the trailer and cried, because the human potential is so close, real, and sacred.

Then I looked on the internet at what people were saying about Thrive, because I'm trying to write my own book on how to make the world a better place and don't have much time to watch movies. Secondary and tertiary sources have their place after all!

So I replied to my friend's email with the following points, which I then embellished for this blog:

Fascinating... there are anti-conspiracy people who are against this movie
because they say it is anti-anti-conspiracy as it promotes hopelessness. The film really just convinces you of your weakness against the powers that will hunt you and stop you, offering only vague rebel cheerleading designed to go nowhere.

And then there are anti-anti-anti-conspiracists who are against this movie
as well as freemasonery and other popular scapegoats villified by the

So who is the elite controlling our lives? Republicans, bankers, jews,
freemasons? Depends on who you talk to, doesn't it. I can tell you right now that it was my grandfather. They say he was evil and abused my mother who neglected me in her PTSD which made me compulsive for the love of emotionally unavailable hurt angry women, instead of loving and balancing myself to do more of my life's purpose on this planet without the fear of someone controlling me.

Unfortunately, my conspiracy theory hasn't proved to be popular with many
other people, though my sister agreed with it, and she died of cancer that started in her breast just like my mother, which I know for a fact is an effect of the conspiracy. But most people think my grandfather just wasn't that powerful, and one of the only people who says that he was, my therapist, then questions who controlled and abused him.

So the problem I really see is the anti thinking that thinks in conspiracies and
enemies. The link we saw recently about how a scientific proof has been
made that a small number of elite really do control the world's money did NOT prove intent, in fact it said otherwise. It said that what they observed was
consistent with a phenomenon seen in all of nature, that specialization and
centralization of functions will evolve.

That a small number of elite will direct the flow of the world's money may be inevitable, and doesn't have to be a bad thing, even if that destiny has been currently stolen by a few opportunists and engineers of domination. So who would be right for the job? The same human beings only awakened perhaps? That would be the most elegant and efficient solution, to change people in place, to trigger an overthrow of the mind by the heart of humanity. What would it take to awaken us all together to the incredibly preferrable and infinite potentials of sustainably loving and thriving? After all, healthy customers and a bountiful planet are just plain good for business.

It is fear and paranoia in the poverty of imagination that is the enemy. There is no monolithic conspiracy out there, only in here. Oh sure there are some seriously dangerous directions to watch out for, but the more that we judge and separate the world into good and evil intentions, the more we are an expression of the evil forming intention which remains unconscious in everyone. No one is trying to control and destroy the planet, but everyone is trying to control the planet to make it a better place for themselves, and everyone needs to learn self control to work with others so we don't destroy our humanity and the planet together.

There is much talk of ending the conscious elite conspiracy who rule us, by trusting and following an unconscious decentralized opposition movement. But the unconscious decentralized opposition movement is already here, it always has been, and it is what is killing us. It is the enemy, the satan, the fallen angel, the negative ego. The unconscious decentralized unity movement is what we are really seeking, beginning in the inheritance of our own souls in bodies.

All those people who come together spontaneously to rage at the system, who would rather demonize and thus empower the bankers and politicians and whatever enemies instead of considering they're just misguided people with roles to play better, and all those who cannot feel the compassionate love and wisdom of God, who quote the need for non-violence in their passive aggression as they become increasingly violent, whose lives are a mess and not getting better because someone else did it to them (they're correct but then they're not looking to leave the abused feelings either), then they are showing the problem and not the solution.

Everyone needs to stop and look at their own living more closely to find the root causes in HOW they do everything they do, not just what they did or didn't do and what was done to them. When we get the balance right, then we feel the peace of God as we find effective action, to change and love the world which begins within the self. The rare evil-acting individual out there is supported and given opportunity to function by the far more common evil-reacting individual in here. The blameful fear-driven over-reactions and under-reactions by the vast good majority are manipulated by those few idiots who conspire to frighten and dominate.

Protest movements are wonderful, especially when the people in them learn to create new ways of doing things. There is almost certainly something to protest, and how it is done makes all the difference. Sensational conspiracists on all sides are not making contributions to change, in my opinion.