Sunday, July 7, 2013

Birth of a Nation, Birth of a World

Well for me the action is mainly at my facebook page now at, and to demonstrate here's my July 4th posting that I didn't copy to this blog until 3 days later, oops! Personal life is very busy for me, and I continue to get tons of guidance and insights every day to help with the daily challenges. I then do my best to package and process these into the universally shareable inspirational images, quotes, and essays that facebook handles so well. The big breakthrough in the past couple of weeks was in fact to try facebook advertising for a few dollars a day. I just wasn't reaching as many people as my writings deserved to reach, so for the price of a coffee or two a day I'm now getting hundreds of new audience members a week, hurray! This was an easy sacrifice to make since I don't drink coffee (hey, I didn't say I was giving up chocolate). So enjoy and please spread the word, since the format seems to really be working, as I'm getting a response rate far above the industry average for click-throughs and conversions and all that marketing speak. It seems that How To Make Heaven On Earth is just what a lot of people have been looking for, which is a great sign for us all in addition to encouraging me with my writing in particular!

In the following post, I decided to just let loose and spell out the perspective on the founding of the United States to which I have been given some insider insight due to my particular lineage. How many more fabulous stories await to be told and heard out there in the awakening world truly excites and humbles me, because wow, Earth has a very rich spiritual history and amazing reasons for why everything went the way it did and still remains destined to work out just fine! What a great blessed time to be alive we can appreciate consciously now!

REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS: With people and nations, certain beliefs when implemented will be found to advance the freedom of souls to show themselves in human form, as evidenced by explosions of prosperity for all with the joyful abundances of creativity, love, and awakened dreams for an ever-expanding future. We do well to recognize and celebrate such triumphs of Heaven on Earth wherever they are to be found, as well as to not become complacent and superior in the ways that will cause us to neglect and overlook our own further progress to be made. The Spirit of Revolution challenges us all to keep growing, keep going, keep sharing the ideas that might make the world a better place, and keep cleaning the personal house of those limitations that would make all human life any less the miracle of divine presence that truly it is. God is our love, God is our light, and together we always intended to make the God in All proud.

The fourth of July has become celebrated as one of the great watersheds for the progress of human civilization, as a new nation was radically and boldly declared upon principles for equality and democracy which to this day continue to be tested. Looking back now, it was far from a given that the upstart United States of America could or would thrive as it has, and still it is taking hundreds of years to march those founding ideals through the cultural assumptions which threaten to corrode and destroy human grace on the ground. The devil has truly been in the details, as we hitched our wagons to a star only to discover where so bright a star leads. Thomas Jefferson was good enough to pen for all time in the Declaration of Independence that “All men are created equal”, even as he relied upon black slaves in Virginia to keep the home fires burning. Jefferson’s soul was surely foreseeing the freedom for all humanity, but his ego was looking at his white male colleagues of the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and thus Jefferson the man wasn’t about to reach beyond the typical language of his time to explicitly include women in a grander vision for equality in representation, much less clarify the color of equal skin. A precipitous civil war had to be fought and won in the next century, and a suffrage movement in the next after that, for race and gender to secure by constitutional amendments their originally implied voting rights, and still the politics of bias rage on. Where were you born? How much money did your parents make? What’s the name of your God? Which gender do you love? How many handicaps or illnesses do you have in your genes? Questions like these get asked to put shame on the questioned when it is so often the questioner who carries the stain. There is a deep sadness in the soul of those who cannot see the greatness in another human form that differs too much from their own, because truly the refusal to allow diversity comes from the deepest places of self-ignorance and self-loathing. When we fully know, trust, and rejoice in our sacred identities, we cannot wait to share so much love. Each of us has the greatness of a soul that we will be so glad to find out and let out, and that greatness is to be enjoyed in a context of ever more love. It just takes time to open our eyes to the Self that contains the God within All, and how uniquely it does its own job within a world of support and courageous applause.

Thomas Jefferson - who became so famous as the author of his nation’s most inspiring birth certificate, and then succeeded his friend and colleague John Adams as the third president - truly stood on the shoulders of giants for how far he was to be seen, and still by his ego he fell with consequences that resound to this day. I speak in reference to a little known history of these United States, from a lineage of open secrets which wait to be discovered as the tides of time turn back the pages to the roots of our country’s limitations as both a great leader and great intimidator (tides, pages, and roots - aren't mixed metaphors fun?) We each bear a tremendous privilege and burden in this country, to continue to responsibly enjoy and extend a prosperity of the soul which understands the strengths and weaknesses of all human positions. We cannot afford to sit on our laurels for the torch of ideals that we carry. For the dignity of all that we have gotten right, we must also see that much more clearly just what we got wrong, and learn ever more from ourselves in the light of others.

The very phrase that perhaps started it all, the words called an immortal declaration of the most singular importance as predictor for the outcome of the newly United States and indeed for a resulting whole world which so often refers to and borrows the quote to claim more human rights, was not Jefferson’s own phrase after all! He got it from his neighbor and friend in philosophical conversations, an Italian doctor named Philip Mazzei. It is documented that Mazzei said and wrote “All men are created equal” before Jefferson, and Mazzei went on to play key behind-the-scenes roles for the American Revolution, including the dangerous acquiring of arms. But Mazzei is not remembered now with any of the founding fathers, despite his enormous contribution and having risked life and limb for his new homeland. Perhaps because he remained at heart so European, and returned to Europe as a tireless unofficial ambassador for American ideas and institutions, writing a first history of the American Revolution that was published in France before finally he died in Italy, therefore Mazzei remains too complex and cosmopolitan a figure to rank in the popular imagination with such homespun folk heroes as Americans might prefer to align themselves with. But Mazzei’s time yet may be coming for a new global age that embraces its world roots past and present, along with the matriarchal Iroquois nation whose successful confederation, the “League of Peace and Power”, is thought to have influenced the founding fathers as well as any Euro philosophies. The principles of these human rights thrive to this day, for some if not all human beings. In the future, the Great Spirit of All Souls shall be known and freely distributed in the greatness of all humankind, by the kindness of all great humans.

The stories of Mazzei, Iroquois, abolitionists, suffragists and more, are inspiring as objective fact, well understood if not widely known. And still we can go deeper behind the sacred curtains of our shared histories to reveal more of what tomorrow holds for today. John Adams, our second president after George Washington, has been restored in recent times to his fuller place as perhaps the most critical founding father of them all. A Boston lawyer and farmer, Adams established himself early on as a figure of unswerving commitment to unpopular ideals, with tremendous consequences for a brighter future for us all. After the Boston massacre in which the British army fired in panic upon an increasingly threatening crowd of colonial protesters - an outrage which became the most important foreshadowing for the American Revolution five years later - Adams shocked Boston by successfully defending the soldiers and getting most of them acquitted. Yet this principled early position of Adams indicated no love of British rule, and he further amazed everyone by ultimately becoming the most ardent supporter and engineer of our secession from England, as he argued tirelessly in the Philadelphia congress against those who hoped to avoid bloodshed at the cost of liberty. Adams further knew, intuitively and logically, that he was not the right man to pen the Declaration, and so he chose the southerner Thomas Jefferson, in a most fateful move of his personal life. For it turns out that not only was Jefferson the right man for the job, but the right soul as well. What few can understand but someday all people will, is that Jefferson and Adams were twin souls (also called dipole souls), in that phenomenon by which God creates souls in balanced pairs to accomplish the greatest works as needed by their times when reunited in the reincarnating life. Together, the transcendent soul partnership of Adams and Jefferson jumpstarted a fantastic new nation, served as the second and third presidents to follow the country’s first hero general George Washington, and then became bitter political rivals on different sides of their own idealism, a split which echoes in the Republican versus Democratic partisanship that threatens to gridlock and make irrelevant a great nation to this day.

I for one do not believe that the wounds of our country will be healed until the deepest soul level of all that has happened in the chronicles of human self-ignorance comes to the greatest light, and so I speak the unspeakable here. Twin souls are a fact of God’s Creation which must be understood, once and for all, along with reincarnation and the truth of a manifest destiny which NEVER offered the rights of one people to slaughter another. I sing the Ghost Dance in my own special way, I still shed my own tears on the trail of so many. The fact is that twin souls birth nations and universes, and twins who do not know themselves can do both incredible love and damage. This is no airy fairy new age romantic dribble of soulmates in love for which I speak - I’m sorry but this is too real to be misread in that way. Jefferson and Adams reconnected and forgave each other in the last years of their life, and died miles apart yet within hours on July 4, 1826. Now that’s soul romance! And the war on terror we suffer today, for which the two parties pose for political clout at the cost of true liberty? Ah, that would be the legacy of even more divergent twin souls, in the needs and fears of forgiving their karma. Think the nemeses who discover and define each other’s life paths: Bush Sr./Saddam Hussein, Bush Jr./Osama Bin Laden. Yes, this is a hugely controversial subject and many would say wholly unprovable. It is not my life’s work to detail these things after all, but rather the work of John Adams in his current reincarnated form. Dr. Walter Semkiw is the spitting image of our second president, and he is back this time not to found just a new nation for human equality but a new global society built on the justice of all human souls. The good doctor works with his friend and the famous psychic Kevin Ryerson, who began his career helping Shirley Maclaine to go out on a limb (Ryerson is not Jefferson if that was implied, as the Jefferson/Adams rift continues to this day). Together Walter and Kevin are revealing the principles and continuing lineages of reincarnating soul lines, and not for the shock appeal of who might be Jesus or Hitler or even Michael Jackson as so many might want to gossip about, but as I see it to (1) demonstrate and prove beyond any reasonable doubt that reincarnation is real, (2) prod and inspire important reincarnations to work together and step up to the plate of their fullest potentials in a greater aura of public support, and, perhaps most beautifully, (3) make war obsolete and ensure world peace for all time, by teaching everyone that the ethnicity or culture you demonize and slaughter today is, by the laws of karma, where you will be reborn tomorrow. Yes, humanity is great and equal beyond any human measure or abilities to manipulate, so let’s go into that night that becomes a new dawn together.

You can read more about Dr. Semkiw’s work in his books beginning with “Return of the Revolutionaries” and at his website at If you’ve seen the new excellent documentaries on John Adams, you’ll recognize perhaps the same brilliant, stubborn, idealistic, and visionary soul at work who is at times self-promoting but usually not, because all is done for the sake of a cause. Sticking his neck out so far into metaphysics has been tough for a pragmatist such as Walter, so he continues to experiment for the right balance of factual and inspirational presentation, and what impressions you’ll find will be your own. Once, Walter had the distinction of being featured in an article by Newsweek, where all of his efforts to explain reincarnation were turned into an example of what ridiculous things even educated people can believe in today’s America. Still, the publicity worked out in his favor (and Newsweek’s youtube clip is decent, enjoy at So it’ll be fun to see where Walter goes in the coming years, along with so many other amazing schools of thought and soul institution at work in the world today to which I am not particularly privy. I’m not claiming to see the total picture, and the only reason why I personally tune into and stump for Walter is because he was the head of the church in the 12th century who authorized my abilities to publish and speak when I was Hildegard of Bingen. I have a compatible destiny to Walter, to highlight and educate more of the world for the sources and effects of soul inspiration, so I remain forever grateful to the greater mission for human equality and justice that we can both labor in. We’ve come a long way from the limitations of earlier times and cultures, and overcome many of our own karmic obstacles to seeing what equality can truly mean, so I feel pretty good even in the human doubts for what I must say in the matter.

Please forgive me, or Walter, or anyone else here on this ascending planet of such fearfully hopeful unprecedented times, if good intentions find clumsy implementations for revolutionary ideas. I’m sure it will offend some people to read this my missive that turns from apparent standard patriotism, to revisionist history, to metaphysical speculation, to possible ego promotion. But this is a really big lifetime for us all to take the chances that we can believe in, and to open up to each other’s revolutions of mind, as we find the heart behind the soul’s intent that brought us this far. With any luck and guidance and kindness to cover, we will stand on the shoulders of giants together as we gaze out to the furthest horizons of Heaven on Earth, and contemplate what it still can mean to read, write, and say “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human beings are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

- Carl J. Schroeder, July 4, 2013

(my photo collage of US Flag Backlit by Jnn13 and San Diego Fireworks by Jon Sullivan, courtesy Wikipedia, and the first famous sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence, adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, with the single modification by me to clarify that “all men” is outmoded language for “all human beings”.)