Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ask Carl

Oh this is just so sweet. Someone asked me on facebook such a wide-open heartfelt question, like something you'd ask a guru, that I thought, what am I supposed to say to that? But then I said it, and I liked the answer that came to me, so let's post it here on the blog! It's been an intense day, number 2 of a 5 day workshop I'm taking on Vortex Healing, which is basically an enlightenment healing modality. The class is wonderful, full of the language of awakening experiences that I can relate to from my own journey thus far. So I'm grateful to the universe for this opportunity to play teacher after playing the student all day, and many thanks to Wilma for the brilliant question!

Q: What do you do to get your vibration up and the world a better place? Or isn't that the purpose or meaning of ascension? Sorry, but I am really a beginner in this and have a lot of questions.. Thanks in advance. Love, Wilma..

A: Hi Wilma! To get vibration up and make the world a better place, boy that's a big question! I would say the most important guidance I use is sustainability. The world is so full of advice that doesn't really feel good in the long run, like the idea of good and evil both need to exist and remain in balance. What, who says that? Just because there's evil today, I don't want it still here a thousand years from now. I'd say that evil is tiny and stupid and on its way out. Still dangerous of course, so use common sense, and ask angels and guides what to do when you run into some. Stuff like that, just question authority and decide for yourself what would make the world a better place, then live from those beliefs and see where they take you. Good luck, and feel free to ask any more questions!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers and Angels

Happy Father's Day! And I say that to everyone, since I know we've all been fathers in one lifetime or another.

My dad spent his first whole day in the next world on Father's Day 2000, ie. he passed the afternoon before. Here's a link to my story of how I met the angel that was coming for him, and how dad let me know that he appreciated my eulogy: My Dad's Angel

I wrote the piece over 10 years ago, and there's a photo of me even older than that, but the message should be largely timeless. I would just say that I'm clearer now that angels are their own class of non-human helpers, and humans become spirit guides when they evolve. As for fathers, well it's only natural that children should worship them, since they hold the position of teaching us how to function to spread love in the world, complementing the mother's role of teaching us how to embrace ourselves. Sounds easy enough, so what happened?

Because we all must experience betrayal to bring our consciousness into the fallen reality that we have yet to raise into eternal life, so many of us must struggle with the polarity of wanting to see our fathers in the best light, and knowing that he taught us as much or more about struggle and pain than self-esteem. But Dad was just a person after all, and it's wise to find a compassion and forgiveness that allows us to move on to places that he, like the patriarchal god of the old age, would never go.

Hope that didn't sound too sobering. There are so many ways to experience father's day, and being with my own kids today will be one of them. I don't feel like my dad, I feel like myself, and that feels really good. Becoming ourselves is everyone's ultimate goal, and it's nice to see people for just who they are.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse

Today's total lunar eclipse is relatively rare, since it is also central, meaning the moon will contain the Earth shadow's center point. The center of the moon will pass very close to the center of the Earth's shadow at 20:13 GMT (4:14pm in my New England), and has not been closer since 2000, and will not be central again until 2018. For images to explain this see

In this blog you have seen how much I like nature symbolism. The Earth's shadow is passing directly over the center of the moon. The moon reflects the sun, so the moon is the unconscious body and the sun is the soul with the warming light of God. In cycles the physical body can reflect a beauty that reminds us of the divine source. When we worship the body instead of the source that gives it life, we become mad with ego, and thus howl at the moon.

Psychologically the shadow is the parts of us which are lost and denied. People assume the shadow only contains the dark ugly negative secrets, but as we evolve and clear ourselves then the shadow becomes increasingly just more good stuff that we didn't know about and could be asking for. So at 8pm England time, 4pm New England time, we can look forward to our unconscious minds, which literally are our bodies and personal reality, becoming centered on a lost part of ourselves, a shadow that we would like to know more about. It's a time for soul retrieval and opportunities to be more of ourselves. For example, let's look outward for synchronicities and inward for senses as to who we were in past lives and who we can become in the more liberated future times.

I am so very grateful for past life friends and connections that keep coming to me, especially in recent weeks as I network more about my new website where I fully reveal that I was Hildegard of Bingen. For those who know about her biography, I can say with great joy that Richardis is back! She's one of the greatest friends I have ever known. The journey of becoming the soul is miraculously abundant and magnificently good, so I wish you all the best to locate and stay on your own path as well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is Ascension?

Yesterday I gave the first talk of my new career, and it went really well, thank you universe! Friends were advised by the angels in early spring to create a day long event of speakers, artists, and psychic readers called the Life Art Heart expo (note the Earth in the center). This was planned for a lovely coastal backyard in Massachusetts where similar events have been held before, but rainy weather drove us inside for a modest but solid attendence that felt most cozy and sincere. I was honored to be the wrap-up for a roster of amazing guest speakers who addressed a variety of high-vibration topics, including angels, akashic records, sacred geometry, and ascended masters. About 25 people paid wonderful attention as I answered the question "What is Ascension?" I felt so honored to be so understood, respected, and appreciated by such a spiritually attuned audience, thank you!

I followed the talking points of a handout that said nothing about me but only listed the new website revealing my past lives at, so a few folks might get a kick out of that later. I also was guided the day before to create a new meetup group for continuing the topic, which will be held on 4th Tuesday evenings for anyone local to the Boston area, details at For those not local, I'll soon post below the notes and an audio link from yesterday's lecture, so check back here later.

I made new friends and got a reading to the effect that my spiritual career is building steadily. It's certainly true that networking through facebook recently has been amazing, including the discovery of more compatriots of past and future lives! I look forward to more chances to speak near and far. Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragements; I'm hearing that my energy is calming and positive, my message clear, my voice strong, my charisma good. It's taken many years to get to this point in my life of offering my gifts to the world, because it's taken that long to understand them myself. Re-membering the whole self is a steady process. To everyone who longs to share more of their soul with us all I can say honestly, if you have the dream implanted in you then you can and will get there. Take heart to enjoy the journey of becoming, because the world is waiting just up ahead for you to arrive at the right moment of momentum for you. All in God's time, for all that is good, trust and invest in yourself sustainably. Day by day, step by step, believe and be well.