Thursday, December 8, 2011

meetups and 2012

Friends and I have been enjoying community meetings through for a few years now. Did you know that the service started as a response to the 9/11 tragedy in New York City? Some visionary good folks created it to enable grassroots groups to organize and comfort each other. Since then it has grown into a worldwide system for introducing people of compatible values to each other in regular meetings on all manner of topics. Distance tools like online forums and phone conferences are certainly valuable and often necessary, but there's no substitute for the kind of local face-to-face time that meetups can offer to the spirit in a body. It's easy to sign up, pick interests, and get notified about groups as they form in your area.

This month I wrote the announcements for two meetups, my own that I've been running since July to field-test ascension ideas for my book that I'm writing, plus the dream sharing group that I've helped a friend run since early 2009. Below I'll post each description starting with my sassy introduction to 2012, and encourage anyone with a vision to consider using meetup to create their own group support experiences. People need to share and build their values with each other in like-minded communities. The recent Occupy movement has shown the power of coming together to validate each other, and now as these social justice camps are being disbanded the energy needs to continue in places like meetup. Group sharing and encouraging is a vital part of living that has always been at the root of civilization, from churches and esoteric societies to pubs and clubs of all kinds. As humanity evolves to empower itself with more specialized interests from awakening people, a tool like can literally help us all save the world one heartfelt gathering of visionaries at a time.


2012 is coming to town!

Let's have fun with the last meeting of the year by making our resolutions to go into the big 2012!

What's all the fuss about, should we be worried, excited, a little of both? Ok, so the big event, when the "shift hits the fan", isn't due til the end of next December, but you just know the self-fulfilling prophecies and tensions are going to keep rising all year. As ascenders, people are going to be instinctively looking to us for answers and strength! Meek inherit the Earth, baby!

Some say there will be Earth changes, from magnetic pole reversals to solar flares. As I understand, magnetic reversals have already happened many times in history, they're gradual on irregular schedules and don't have to be too meaningful or that big a deal. But solar changes can cause little ice ages like the one between 1550 and 1850, when all the classical paintings showed ice skaters on the Thames and Rhine. So who knows, maybe an antidote to global warming? I say that with all due respect, because Gaia and the Universe will help us fix anything if we let them.

Others talk about the end of the Earth experiment when the results will be graded, or the opening of the chakras. Well from what I hear, our planet has already passed with flying colors, so entrance into the Galactic Federation or whatever is assured. Check out Steven Pinker's new book for example if you don't believe it. "The Better Angels of our Nature" is a revelation for how much humanity has actually been breeding out violence for millenia, despite the invention of weapons both technological and idealogical which can make it seem otherwise. I can personally attest to the difference, as in a recent lucid dream visit to my lifetime in the Middle Ages I was shocked at the brutal vibes there.

As for opening of the chakras - hmm that could get messy couldn't it. Which is why I'm predicting and giving tips for the Lovacalypse! Uncontrolled hugging everywhere, so learn your types of love now and don't fall too hard for the big puppy eyes. :-)

Come share your hopes, rumors, and plans! Good snacks provided for festive atmosphere, bring instruments if you want to play a song.


Interpreting Characters in Dreams & Dream Sharing

This month we'll continue our open door policy for dream sharing, which has been so very valuable for our community of dreamers. Additionally, Carl will present some ideas for how to interpret the characters in our dreams. Dream Dictionaries can give us some good starting points for what places and things may symbolize, but what about people? You can't just look up Aunt Mabel or that ex from high school, except in the most general of ways as a role. Dream characters make it clear just how very personal and rich with emotional associations are our own dreams.

Some traditions say to interpret all characters as sides of yourself, which can be a good place to start, but this excludes the fabulous mystical possibility that we really do dream of each other as well as nonphysical beings and higher friends. In fact, dreams are most useful to guide our lives when we don't just dream about ourselves, but see how we are interacting with the hidden unspoken energies of the actual relationships that are important to us.

Carl has many years of experience in navigating the continuum between sides of ourselves and aspects of others that can and do show up in dreams, so he'll present some perspectives and examples that could help you crack the riddle of recurring dream figures. Hints: someone you know in a dream often isn't that person, but someone in that role energetically, and how much it is you or another person can change from night to night, depending on what you're working on during the day, with clues to help you sort out possibilities including boundary symbols, sidekick characters, replays, and how much you can see and feel from the other's position.

As always, you're welcome to bring a dream to work on, or just come to listen to other people's processing. Dream sharing is never required to attend, only encouraged. Sharing dreams in a group provides a rich validating resource to understand the many layers and facets of subconscious communication. It is always helpful to gather together and share dreams with others, to get ideas on what our dreams tell us about ourselves and our lives, and what they foreshadow of the future.

Come, share, explore, learn, and grow with the knowledge and wisdom of our bold and adventurous dream explorers.