Thursday, December 8, 2011

meetups and 2012

Friends and I have been enjoying community meetings through for a few years now. Did you know that the service started as a response to the 9/11 tragedy in New York City? Some visionary good folks created it to enable grassroots groups to organize and comfort each other. Since then it has grown into a worldwide system for introducing people of compatible values to each other in regular meetings on all manner of topics. Distance tools like online forums and phone conferences are certainly valuable and often necessary, but there's no substitute for the kind of local face-to-face time that meetups can offer to the spirit in a body. It's easy to sign up, pick interests, and get notified about groups as they form in your area.

This month I wrote the announcements for two meetups, my own that I've been running since July to field-test ascension ideas for my book that I'm writing, plus the dream sharing group that I've helped a friend run since early 2009. Below I'll post each description starting with my sassy introduction to 2012, and encourage anyone with a vision to consider using meetup to create their own group support experiences. People need to share and build their values with each other in like-minded communities. The recent Occupy movement has shown the power of coming together to validate each other, and now as these social justice camps are being disbanded the energy needs to continue in places like meetup. Group sharing and encouraging is a vital part of living that has always been at the root of civilization, from churches and esoteric societies to pubs and clubs of all kinds. As humanity evolves to empower itself with more specialized interests from awakening people, a tool like can literally help us all save the world one heartfelt gathering of visionaries at a time.


2012 is coming to town!

Let's have fun with the last meeting of the year by making our resolutions to go into the big 2012!

What's all the fuss about, should we be worried, excited, a little of both? Ok, so the big event, when the "shift hits the fan", isn't due til the end of next December, but you just know the self-fulfilling prophecies and tensions are going to keep rising all year. As ascenders, people are going to be instinctively looking to us for answers and strength! Meek inherit the Earth, baby!

Some say there will be Earth changes, from magnetic pole reversals to solar flares. As I understand, magnetic reversals have already happened many times in history, they're gradual on irregular schedules and don't have to be too meaningful or that big a deal. But solar changes can cause little ice ages like the one between 1550 and 1850, when all the classical paintings showed ice skaters on the Thames and Rhine. So who knows, maybe an antidote to global warming? I say that with all due respect, because Gaia and the Universe will help us fix anything if we let them.

Others talk about the end of the Earth experiment when the results will be graded, or the opening of the chakras. Well from what I hear, our planet has already passed with flying colors, so entrance into the Galactic Federation or whatever is assured. Check out Steven Pinker's new book for example if you don't believe it. "The Better Angels of our Nature" is a revelation for how much humanity has actually been breeding out violence for millenia, despite the invention of weapons both technological and idealogical which can make it seem otherwise. I can personally attest to the difference, as in a recent lucid dream visit to my lifetime in the Middle Ages I was shocked at the brutal vibes there.

As for opening of the chakras - hmm that could get messy couldn't it. Which is why I'm predicting and giving tips for the Lovacalypse! Uncontrolled hugging everywhere, so learn your types of love now and don't fall too hard for the big puppy eyes. :-)

Come share your hopes, rumors, and plans! Good snacks provided for festive atmosphere, bring instruments if you want to play a song.


Interpreting Characters in Dreams & Dream Sharing

This month we'll continue our open door policy for dream sharing, which has been so very valuable for our community of dreamers. Additionally, Carl will present some ideas for how to interpret the characters in our dreams. Dream Dictionaries can give us some good starting points for what places and things may symbolize, but what about people? You can't just look up Aunt Mabel or that ex from high school, except in the most general of ways as a role. Dream characters make it clear just how very personal and rich with emotional associations are our own dreams.

Some traditions say to interpret all characters as sides of yourself, which can be a good place to start, but this excludes the fabulous mystical possibility that we really do dream of each other as well as nonphysical beings and higher friends. In fact, dreams are most useful to guide our lives when we don't just dream about ourselves, but see how we are interacting with the hidden unspoken energies of the actual relationships that are important to us.

Carl has many years of experience in navigating the continuum between sides of ourselves and aspects of others that can and do show up in dreams, so he'll present some perspectives and examples that could help you crack the riddle of recurring dream figures. Hints: someone you know in a dream often isn't that person, but someone in that role energetically, and how much it is you or another person can change from night to night, depending on what you're working on during the day, with clues to help you sort out possibilities including boundary symbols, sidekick characters, replays, and how much you can see and feel from the other's position.

As always, you're welcome to bring a dream to work on, or just come to listen to other people's processing. Dream sharing is never required to attend, only encouraged. Sharing dreams in a group provides a rich validating resource to understand the many layers and facets of subconscious communication. It is always helpful to gather together and share dreams with others, to get ideas on what our dreams tell us about ourselves and our lives, and what they foreshadow of the future.

Come, share, explore, learn, and grow with the knowledge and wisdom of our bold and adventurous dream explorers.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sunday 11pm:

"Thrive" is a new must-see documentary that I just loved, all about the past and future of the human potential. I write this praise at the end of a long day which began with a friend's email recommending that I watch the film on youtube, where segments are being allowed to post.

I did not intend to spend the precious time as I've been working hard journaling and writing all weekend from my own guidance to finish my book asap about the spirituality and psychology of relationships, in addition to my responsbilities for job and family. So I'm already full busy but the energy was right, I now can admit. I've been experiencing profound effects of releasing the past and balancing the masculine/feminine energies within myself, resulting in sensations of increased divine bliss and communication with angelic extraterrestrial beings. Suddenly this morning I found myself working up to watching this two hour documentary, by writing the blog entry below which processed a little more of where I was coming from. After appropriately enough bagging leaves with the kids and becoming quite tired, I still felt guided to make time to see "Thrive" tonite, and I'm so glad that I did!

My personal priorities to not get caught up in frightened judgmental thinking (what inspired my pre-viewing blog entry) are addressed in the movie, despite its recapping of many conspiracy theories after a soaring inspirational beginning. This approach has caused some love-hate reactions in audiences and worried me when I read some online critics. Yes, "Thrive" builds the view of a global elite that is manipulating humanity into poverty and slavery, but it has reason to even when it overly connects the dots, engages in some weak self-justifications, and entertains sound bites from sensational psuedo-experts.

For example, to suggest that the evil of banks lies in fractional reserve lending is sensational, since that's what a bank is: they keep a fraction of your money and loan the rest out so you can make interest and they can run a business. The alternative is full reserve banking, where you'd have to pay to keep your money locked up in a safe even as it could lose value to inflation. Of course, as today's highly profitable megabanks increasingly charge us for every fee they can invent, and interest rates are abysmal because the economy has been manipulated and mismanaged by those banks, then we get the worst of both worlds and reason to be paranoid! Good advice is given to put your money in local banks and credit unions who are more likely to be honest and motivated to manage fair returns to attract customers.

Through every conspired crisis, whether under or over stated, the narrator is gentle and caring. The context is one of increasing awareness and holding conviction that things didn't have to be this way. The film begins with poetic visions of Earth's majesty, human brilliance and beauty, and fabulous graphics of sacred geometry including the torus and flower of life. So there's plenty to react to for your own tendencies toward fear or inspiration. Viewers who get stuck in depression or cynicism simply have those energies to work through, and do well to not just shoot the messenger.

Through the whirlwind tour of conspiracies and fantasies that dog the human potential, the point remains that we have sufficient evidence of unecessary tragedy, both historical and personal, that the heart of the open mind can forgive leaps of logic to experience deeper emotional validations. For me, I was surprised at how suddenly and intensely I cried when the domination of native america was mentioned to make clear that the course of freedom in this country has been long corrupted and threatened. I was also deeply moved when the narrator's wife spoke of the more recent apparent suppression of cancer cures which could have saved so many people she loved. I too have lost many to cancer.

The film was financed by a rich white man, Foster Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble fortune, who at an early age was guided by mystical experience to make a bigger difference for humanity than to just join the elite to which he was born and raised. Foster is sincere and makes that difference now in this crowning achievement, a film which leads the viewer through sobering realizations of current perils into the hope, inspiration, and profound recommendations for life-long action that contribute to realizing the dream of Heaven on Earth, as I work for and call it. Foster never actually mentions the word God but has plenty to say about the spiritual, intelligent, living universe which is abundant and giving, just waiting for us all to rediscover and tap its wisdom and power for eternal love, life and liberty. So the sacred origins of his mission are clear! A large website of links and information backs up the movie for your further study, so this is a deeply committed resource for your own entry into the awakening tomorrow.

Thank you Foster and all who support you! I'm honored to welcome you into my own heart and visions for the future. I like to think he would appreciate my path of ending the reactive judging mind beginning in the self, because his movie also encourages people to work together in non-violence and stop demonizing each other to see the real problems and solutions we face today. Turning human beings against their own interests by various fear mongering schemes to divide and conquer is one tool of the real predator, both inside and out.

Thanks again to the friend who insisted that I should watch the movie, because I'm glad I did, and by my own path of the earlier reactions I had in the blog entry below. It may seem peevish and overly personal in retrospect, but I stand by what I wrote as part of honestly working up to letting more in. I like to think that we can all respect to share and learn from the processing that is humanly needed to grow into new levels of spiritual family connection, for that is what I feel is a gift of the movie. We all have our stories of humbling paths to follow in order to reach the greater vistas together.

I wish much peace and joy to all who celebrate this week of Thanksgiving! May the new world and old come together in a time of goodwill and feasting.


ps - tip: if you try watching the movie on youtube and one version gets stuck, just keep scrolling for another that works, as I had to. Perhaps Foster is so wealthy and idealistic that he is allowing some free viewing, but it's also only $5 to stream it from the official website, or $20 for dvd, at

Sunday 11am:

An interesting new film called "Thrive" debuted on 11/11/11, a date which due to a preponderance of 1's was supposed to be more magical than any other day in which you decide for yourself to change your own life forever.

I hadn't heard of it. I was at an 11/11/11 concert and guided meditation at which I was insightfully miserable and alienated, seated in the back of the room by myself looking over occasionally to a whole row of serendipitously contiguous exes who had no place for me in their life that evening or possibly ever, but who seemed to be all getting along rather splendidly. Ex-whats I can't say exactly, some sort of soulmates, you know how with past lives it can all get so complicated? It's sweet really, to be on the journey of finding the right relationships with each other, so I'm not bitter, I'm grateful, just confused and confounded at times.

There was only one friend who happened to be sitting near me, and she described her recent trip to Turkey, it was great, how did mine go for that world reincarnation conference I was looking forward to on my birthday? Oh, thanks for reminding me, that was one of my broken dreams involving the exes. So I was not just imagining the theme of the evening! It was uncanny, and I could feel the effects of some conspiracy. Later another friend told me she saw me and considered saying hi, but something kept her away. My energy was off and people could feel it!

So a week later I'm feeling much better and reconnected with my friends. This morning I was notified by another ex-something who is very excited about the anti-poverty Occupy protest movement and the recent crackdowns against it, about this movie called Thrive. Apparently it's a major inspirational big-budget new age revelation about how humanity would thrive if only there weren't all these conspiracies working tirelessly against it. The ETs tried to give us free limitless energy technology but that got suppressed, GMO foods are making us slaves, illuminati bankers rule the world with the money they print for themselves, the flower of life is everywhere but constantly discredited, helpless people and nature are suffering in a closed system, etc. I watched the trailer and cried, because the human potential is so close, real, and sacred.

Then I looked on the internet at what people were saying about Thrive, because I'm trying to write my own book on how to make the world a better place and don't have much time to watch movies. Secondary and tertiary sources have their place after all!

So I replied to my friend's email with the following points, which I then embellished for this blog:

Fascinating... there are anti-conspiracy people who are against this movie
because they say it is anti-anti-conspiracy as it promotes hopelessness. The film really just convinces you of your weakness against the powers that will hunt you and stop you, offering only vague rebel cheerleading designed to go nowhere.

And then there are anti-anti-anti-conspiracists who are against this movie
as well as freemasonery and other popular scapegoats villified by the

So who is the elite controlling our lives? Republicans, bankers, jews,
freemasons? Depends on who you talk to, doesn't it. I can tell you right now that it was my grandfather. They say he was evil and abused my mother who neglected me in her PTSD which made me compulsive for the love of emotionally unavailable hurt angry women, instead of loving and balancing myself to do more of my life's purpose on this planet without the fear of someone controlling me.

Unfortunately, my conspiracy theory hasn't proved to be popular with many
other people, though my sister agreed with it, and she died of cancer that started in her breast just like my mother, which I know for a fact is an effect of the conspiracy. But most people think my grandfather just wasn't that powerful, and one of the only people who says that he was, my therapist, then questions who controlled and abused him.

So the problem I really see is the anti thinking that thinks in conspiracies and
enemies. The link we saw recently about how a scientific proof has been
made that a small number of elite really do control the world's money did NOT prove intent, in fact it said otherwise. It said that what they observed was
consistent with a phenomenon seen in all of nature, that specialization and
centralization of functions will evolve.

That a small number of elite will direct the flow of the world's money may be inevitable, and doesn't have to be a bad thing, even if that destiny has been currently stolen by a few opportunists and engineers of domination. So who would be right for the job? The same human beings only awakened perhaps? That would be the most elegant and efficient solution, to change people in place, to trigger an overthrow of the mind by the heart of humanity. What would it take to awaken us all together to the incredibly preferrable and infinite potentials of sustainably loving and thriving? After all, healthy customers and a bountiful planet are just plain good for business.

It is fear and paranoia in the poverty of imagination that is the enemy. There is no monolithic conspiracy out there, only in here. Oh sure there are some seriously dangerous directions to watch out for, but the more that we judge and separate the world into good and evil intentions, the more we are an expression of the evil forming intention which remains unconscious in everyone. No one is trying to control and destroy the planet, but everyone is trying to control the planet to make it a better place for themselves, and everyone needs to learn self control to work with others so we don't destroy our humanity and the planet together.

There is much talk of ending the conscious elite conspiracy who rule us, by trusting and following an unconscious decentralized opposition movement. But the unconscious decentralized opposition movement is already here, it always has been, and it is what is killing us. It is the enemy, the satan, the fallen angel, the negative ego. The unconscious decentralized unity movement is what we are really seeking, beginning in the inheritance of our own souls in bodies.

All those people who come together spontaneously to rage at the system, who would rather demonize and thus empower the bankers and politicians and whatever enemies instead of considering they're just misguided people with roles to play better, and all those who cannot feel the compassionate love and wisdom of God, who quote the need for non-violence in their passive aggression as they become increasingly violent, whose lives are a mess and not getting better because someone else did it to them (they're correct but then they're not looking to leave the abused feelings either), then they are showing the problem and not the solution.

Everyone needs to stop and look at their own living more closely to find the root causes in HOW they do everything they do, not just what they did or didn't do and what was done to them. When we get the balance right, then we feel the peace of God as we find effective action, to change and love the world which begins within the self. The rare evil-acting individual out there is supported and given opportunity to function by the far more common evil-reacting individual in here. The blameful fear-driven over-reactions and under-reactions by the vast good majority are manipulated by those few idiots who conspire to frighten and dominate.

Protest movements are wonderful, especially when the people in them learn to create new ways of doing things. There is almost certainly something to protest, and how it is done makes all the difference. Sensational conspiracists on all sides are not making contributions to change, in my opinion.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Julian of Love

I am happy because Kevin Ryerson, the world renown channeler of Ahtun Re who is considered a gold standard for past life confirmations, has agreed with my insight that the 17th century English mystics John Pordage and his student/successor Jane Ward Leade were also the 14th century English mystics Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich, respectively. The continuation of God's love so inspires me.

Julian of Norwich (November 8, 1342 - about 1416)

"God almighty is our loving Father, and God all wisdom is our loving Mother... What, do you wish to know your Lord's meaning in this thing? Know it well, love was his meaning. Who reveals it to you? Love. What did he reveal to you? Love. Why does he reveal it to you? For love."

"The greatest honor we can give Almighty God is to live gladly because of the knowledge of his love."

"Our Savior is our true Mother in whom we are endlessly born and out of whom we shall never come."

"The fullness of Joy is to behold God in everything."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art Show memorial to Steve Jobs

Last night was the annual Mystical Art and Talent Show, the community event of soul sharing and creative expression that I've been blessed to facilitate since 2001. Every show is unique and wonderful; many many thanks to to all who participated and enjoyed! Words can't say enough for how beautiful and authentic were the experiences and people. If you were there then you know what I mean, if not come join us next year! I'll be continuing to fill in the website with information and permanent displays, so for details see

Below I just want to share the "manifesto soul collage" that I showed at the event based on my own prior research, which recent news made timely and appropriate. Enjoy!


In Memories

a manifesto soul collage by Carl J. Schroeder for the Mystical Art and Talent Show, Swedenborg Chapel, Cambridge, MA, October 8, 2011

"Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure — these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." - Steve Jobs, Stanford commencement speech, June 2005

"Another age must be the judge." - Charles Babbage, 1837

Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)
Charles Babbage (December 26, 1791 – October 18, 1871)

Facial comparison from groundbreaking reincarnation research “Return of the Revolutionaries” by Dr. Walter Semkiw, aka John Adams, 2nd president of the United States. All cases therein are verified by Kevin Ryerson, the world famous channeller who helped Shirley McClaine get her start.

A very famous man passed into spirit this week. Many people knew Steve Jobs as the founder of Apple, visionary secretive inventor, and passionate evangelizer for the creative empowerment of humanity by the computer.

Few know that Steve Jobs was a spiritual seeker as a young man, and traveled to India in search of what to do with his life. Even fewer know, though it is well documented by many psychics, that a past life of Steve Jobs was the English visionary Charles Babbage, the pre-electronics age inventor of the computer itself. In the 1820’s, Babbage designed an astonishing gear-driven device called the Difference Engine, to fulfill his dream of turning over the labor of repetitive computations to machines in order to free human beings for more creative endeavors. Like many of Steve Jobs own designs, Babbage’s computer was too expensive and complex to realize fully. But with characteristic one-man-showmanship bordering on arrogance, Babbage persevered to invent the world's first computer printer and the Analytic Engine, a version of the Difference Engine that would be fully programmable by punch cards. Babbage was so far ahead of his time that his Difference Engine was not constructed until 1991, when it was found to have worked perfectly, and the Analytic Engine has never been built.

To design programs for the Analytic Engine, Babbage hired Ada Byron Lovelace, the genius daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron. Ada envisioned software to not only solve math problems, but to assist artists and musicians in creating images and music. Ada’s brilliant and brooding personality, so like her father’s, alienated Babbage however, so that while Babbage received limited recognition and government support for his work, Ada was generally considered mad and died young in despair. Ada’s work was rediscovered over a century later by the US Department of Defense, which recognized a woman as the first software engineer by naming the computer language Ada after her in 1979.

Steve has fulfilled his soul’s mission to bring the power of the computer to full fruition more than a century later, hence the incredible vision of Apple which has always particularly appealed to artists and musicians. Ada's spirit lives on in the work of Lynn Hershman-Leeson, a pioneering computer artist who has explored the postmodern challenges of female identity and empowerment in film and multimedia, and who further champions the rights of social activist artists everywhere.

It is not yet widely recognized that Lynn is Ada's reincarnation, but the case is convincing with synchronicities of appearance, talents, and interests. Lynn was herself so obsessed with the history that she used her sense of Ada’s inner states to make an alternative biopic in 1997 called Conceiving Ada in which a woman at the MIT media lab (played by Tilda Swinton) makes a mediumistic connection through her computer with the help of her mentor (played by Timothy Leary just before his death) that enables Ada to re-enter her womb and be reborn in the computer age for which she had so longed and dreamed. Bizarre and hallucinatory, the film was the first feature length to make extensive use of virtual environments for realistic set design (Ada's mansion). And yes, Lynn loves to work with Apple computers and has had projects funded by them - the apple does not fall far from the tree as they say!

So now you know a little more of the divine plan that is behind this incredible new information age which is overturning the old! The NeXT time you use your computer to make your art, or to look up esoteric ideas and plan your activism, or just to communicate your heart to a community of friends some of whom you’ve never physically met, remember the god and goddess energies that live on in the soul missions that continue to remake the world, and be further inspired. Have no doubt that this is a sacred place, for seeds have been planted and forgotten that are even now still coming to light! Think different, dream big, shed your tears and move forward now, for you are living on the edge of the very tomorrow for which so many have waited countless lifetimes!

Ada Byron Lovelace
(December 10, 1815 –
November 27, 1852)

Lynn Hershman-Leeson (1941 - )

3 days after the art show I had an appointment with Kevin Ryerson, whose channeling confirmed my insight that Lynn is indeed Ada reincarnated.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome 99%

I'm amazed at the spiritual tears I feel every time I read about this new movement that started in the United States with last month's Occupy Wall Street protest and is now spread to all major cities including Boston. 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth in this country that was created over two centuries ago to uphold the ideals of freedom and human potential to a world that was dark with oppression and tyranny, including in its own backyard. Now the 99% is rising up to express the suffering which is everywhere and always has been, only now they are more educated and aware that it didn't have to be this way and by an ascension of shared human values may soon never be again. Do not underestimate this movement, it is self-organizing and beyond partisanship. From young idealists in the coastal cities to unemployed laborers in the midwest it is growing daily with a pure heart and a great energy of the divine intention to liberate peacefully and irresistably.

Below is the email I received to join the movement with a photo, and the picture of me I submitted.

God bless,


As the nights grow colder, the passion of the brave occupiers of Wall Street only grows stronger.

They're called "the 99%," because they stand for all of us left behind by the massive concentration of wealth among the richest 1%. The protesters' unrelenting campaign against the corporate takeover of our democracy is being fought in the best traditions of nonviolent resistance.

The 99% are both an inspiration and a call that needs to be answered. So we're answering it today, in a nationwide Virtual March on Wall Street to support their demand for an economy that serves the many, not the few.

If you've been waiting for an opportunity to stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, today is the day to get off the sidelines. Join in the virtual march by doing what hundreds have done spontaneously across the web: Take your picture holding a sign that tells your story, along with the words "I am the 99%."

Post an "I am the 99%" photo.

Or, send the protesters a message of support and we'll deliver it directly to the 99% protesters on Wall Street today.

Send your message of support.

Or click here to see what others have posted and be inspired.

The 99% protesters represent all of us who are being left behind: union workers, public servants, the poor, the unemployed, seniors, the disabled, young people graduating off a cliff to no jobs, and all of us who are seeing our American Dream slip away.

These are the very people that the American Dream Movement was built to lift up and amplify, which we can do across the country by showing the 99% protesters that we share their frustration and stand with them.

Thousands of people from unions, community groups, and the American Dream Movement are physically marching today to Wall Street in solidarity with the 99% protesters. But we need this to go national, online, and viral with tens of thousands of members across the country joining the Virtual March on Wall Street in support of the 99%.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

abundance is hours

Happy Feast Day of St. Hildegard!

In the spare hours I get to write a book, I am progressing nicely with the clarity that this year's trials have brought me for what has happened to the Earth and where we need to go. Enjoy the following excerpt, and may you find sustenance in the rich meal that is your daily balance of creation's energies!


Chapter 5: Surviving the Lovacalypse

The apocalypse of love - the “lovacalypse” - will rend open your sacred heart, turn inside out your mind, and anchor your immortal soul in your human body, which you will realize in new ways is both eternal and divine. Your own life will become both achingly familiar and startlingly new; you will be faced with what you always sensed might actually be true. This will make you extremely sensitive to what is safe and harmful the world, and what is true and false, thus compelling you to work for Heaven on the Earth beginning with what you have deep in you to do. To survive this total transformation, you will require more support and assistance than you may be accustomed to acknowledging was available to you in this life and world, but then that would be the point, wouldn’t it?!

The nature of eternal life must be discovered in the world today. We are experiencing the destruction of the old structures that were not built to last, while the infinite Spirit calls us deeper still and onward to the future that was always real and true. Sustainability is more than an ecological concept after all, it is most dearly spiritual. Just as we can hold in our hands the lovely fragrant blossom which will soon go to the seed from which the whole plant will rise again, so too we can embrace our divine essential self to be the flower of creation which contains both the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the miraculous eternity which conceives of itself ever anew. To be forever means to be the energetic pattern which sustains and reflects the whole, by caring for the balance of all-benefit which nurtures universal growth.

The glory of the infinite in eternal balance is elegantly depicted in the ancient metaphor known as the net of Indra. In third century Buddhist scripture, the Vedic god Indra drapes an amazing endless net at the cosmic center which connects heaven and earth; it is the web of life itself. At each intersection point of the net is strung a precious pearl, so finely polished that in it may be seen reflected every other pearl and the whole of the net itself. So too each refined perfected individual may contain and sustain the structure of all creation.

Cosmic metaphors are not merely invented by human imagination, they exist objectively as well. Modern science has given us the hologram. Holography is a startling photographic technique for recording the light scattered by an object into a material in such a way that the material’s surface does not by itself contain any recognizable pattern, but when light interacts with the hologram then the original three dimensional view is visible again. We can actually move our head back and forth to see the object appear to move with us, because multiple viewpoints have been stored in the structure. What’s most remarkable and unexpected about the hologram is that every fragment contains the whole; cut a hologram in two, and you have two smaller windows on the entire original scene. This is totally unlike a flat photograph, which with each cut is reduced to separate pieces of a puzzle. The property of a hologram to contain the whole in each piece demonstrates by light that each and every soul can retain the entire perspective of the universe, and thus have God inside.

From the pure realm of mathematics we can further grasp eternity by contemplating the fractal, a surprisingly simple equation that gives rise to infinite complexity. Fractals are a rather recent discovery that require easy repetitive calculations to view, thus computers are well suited to make them visible. Computer graphics make good use of fractals to generate landscapes that appear natural with lots of nooks and crannies, waves and clouds and trees, because nature also develops by locally simple rules that give rise to endless global detail. So the classic fractal image may be tunneled into from any point like a spaceship on a journey, whose view explodes into unending related intricate patterns, hauntingly familiar but with twists and turns that never quite repeat. This too shows how every human soul is a unique entry point into the infinite creativity of God. We are each given a unique path to follow, one that evokes the whole while offering a richly personal experience of that which never ends.

Eternity thus begins in the here and now, and the infinite is held most beautifully in the heart of the finite ideal. Earth is absolutely capable of sustaining heaven, and the body is eternal and divine. There is no reason to assume that the material world is not as holy and divine as the most immortal pure conception of God, only thinking has made it so. Our planet is as sacred or profane as you treat it to be. Dualistic philosophies which proclaimed that the flesh is a sinful place are really exposing the mind that is trying to purge itself of a problem by the problem itself, thus throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

In fact the brain is glorious, capable of stretching for a wider view outside of space and time, while the body anchors us in the sequence of its steady growth, so it takes the sacred heart to bridge the two and carry on. Those who believe in the power of love by opening to its transformative experience can feel that the relationships of loving are eternal and infinite in consequence. Thus they do not fear the changes of the body but become fond for the signatures of each passing season, in the full confidence and benefit that the best moments to practice each form of love again will always return. Earth is precisely the place where endless love can show itself and share.

Thus there is the ancient view of time as cyclical, with seasons ever coming round again. This may seem quaint today in a world that has made so very much progress by measuring time more by the differences of each passing age than by the similarities. We’ve straightened time into a line for the purpose of hurtling ourselves forward to a bigger change that we can even comprehend; could that too be a cycle?

We have felt superior to our yesterdays, preened ourselves with increasing God-like manifested powers, even as the toxicities accumulate from our unsustainable lifestyles, however well-intended they may have been to improve ourselves and benefit one another. Now as we stand on the brink of far more loss than gain, as we fear that apocalypse could spell the end of life on Earth by man-made or natural disaster. We do well to reach for cycles again, and reacquaint ourselves with ourselves in the past and future of a deeper sacred nature.

Human dreams have not changed; we have always chiefly longed for the security to love, to make our lives more beautiful and full of grace, to be the gifts to one another. And the source most secure for a more perfect creation is that which we call divine: the eternal good and true, wise and just, immortal and pure. Such ways and places surely do exist, for they motivate us far more starkly than the passing of a suffering, to love one another and confess that we can live no other way, than to know that our love is forever here, on an Earth as in the Heaven we can yet attain.

Friday, August 26, 2011

the coming "Lovacalypse"

On the discussion board for my meetup group at I posted more information about twin flames and soulmates, with important concepts especially for those who have suffered in relationships. It's not a lonely hearts club we're forming after all, but a group that aspires to know and love the divine self, around which the perfect life can form. There are a lot of theories as to what will happen when the chakras open in December 2012, and my precaution is along the lines of the "Lovacalypse". People's hearts are going to open wide to a spectrum of relationships and projects with their soulmates and twin flames, in ways that demand the full incarnation of their soul energy. Not everyone will be in sync or willing to become so tender and vulnerable as to give the yes that the heart requires.

Psychologist Dorothy Tennov estimated from research for her 1979 book "Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love" that 11% of the broken hearted in relationships that end badly attempt suicide. That is a tragic loss of the ones who were willing to feel and try to be present with something more powerful than they could deny. Love has been shallowly defined in our culture as primarily romantic pleasure or parent-child bonding, but what happens when people really deeply feel from their eternal souls the love of serving the Earth together, by all manner of divine assignments that really make the difference to One spiritual planet? Some are going to say no to things they were born to do, and others will take that free-will resistance to their presence as a deep rejection of their very essence. Self-esteem will plummet, and some of the best people will feel so unwanted and isolated they will consider dying. Those on the darker path will consider harming the object of their affections, which is one reason why so many fear opening to being loved in the first place, they don't trust what will be done to them. We need to save more hearts and lives!

Learning to get beyond the existential crisis of unrequited love with deeper tools of self-knowing is a primary skill for becoming the stronger truer self who can be there and endure for the world as it wakes up. It is an angelic quality that we need in order to survive the pain of egos growing up. Think how many times you must have refused the comfort and wisdom of an angel. Karma will require that we revisit many people we have known in past lives who will say no to who we are before we can move on to the ones who are saying yes. The call to honest self-sacrifice is required to give the lost ones that chance to change their minds, and we must not suffer for it nor perpetuate the harm. Suffering is pain that never ends. Pain cannot be avoided on the planet at this time, but by transforming it to love we change reality.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

surviving the twin soul

(end of 2012 Note: this post has turned out to be so pivotal, with many people contacting me about it. I have thus gone back to clarify the terminology a little. Twin soul, twin flame, and soulmate get used different ways by different people, and that's fine as long as we know what kind of relationship each other is referring to. Here then are the definitions that I've settled on, although my older writings may still blur the distinctions. Also, some friends of mine perfectly switch the terms around for the same concepts, which makes it tricky to quote their ideas. For example, Ahtun Re calls a soulmate a twin soul, and a twin soul a soulmate! That's why we have to think about what we mean when we say the words, to hold the vibration and not just sling jargon.

Soulmate = Any significant other soul, probably from many past lives together. We meet them again and again to exchange gifts and hopefully improve the relationship, which could be smooth or rocky in emotions, short or long in duration. If the word "mate" throws you into romantic illusions, think more "crewmate" or "shipmate".

Twin Flame = A parallel soul, someone who has become very compatible by their own evolutionary choices. We may or may not have had many past lives together, but they definitely would be wonderful to meet and work with now. A serious candidate for lifelong mating and partner growth! Just don't forget to respect freewill choices and perceptions, as the human personalities get involved. Even the best twin flame potentials can come and go, at least until a fully conscious shared commitment is attained.

Twin Soul = The one other soul with whom you were originally created by the infinite mother/father God, who creates souls in perfect pairs so they may learn duality in harmony. You and your twin soul will always balance off each other, so that even though you two share values and goals you will represent opposing views and complementary methods. (My friend Walter Semkiw refers to twin souls as dipoles, to emphasize the perfect polarity which must be resolved for better or worse.) When twin soul incarnations meet there is an explosion of self-realization and growth, but any assumptions that this makes you ideal mates or colleagues will be tested and probably prove false. Most twin souls do not and cannot stay together long, which will result in hard feelings only as much as the wholeness and balance within each twin is not cultivated. We are after all each complete divine eternal beings.

And if I just say twin, I'm probably referring to the twin soul, but context should make it clear. Now back to my original post, with terms corrected for consistency according to the above definitions...)

I am relieved to know – definitely not happy, but relieved – that untimely separation from the ultimate mate of the soul (the so-called twin soul, that unique companion of eternity with whom we were made by God) can and will be SURVIVED. Since I opened just last year to the magic and miracles of actually meeting my own twin soul - the embodied twin of my immortal soul, the one my dreams had long foretold and I’d been praying for! - I have wondered a) why there was a deep recurring agony in me of something broken that wasn’t getting healed though it could and should be any day now, and b) how I could ever hope to reach and inspire all these people who seem tragically alienated from the infinite joy of the twin soul experience which I could not cease from recommending and describing.

It turns out that it’s actually very rare for twin souls to meet, and rarer for them to get along, romantically or otherwise; perhaps few were designed to be conventionally coupled, but all are most deeply born to co-create something new and wonderful for the next stage of humanity, when the time is right. The estrangement of twin souls simply cannot be divine, since these original soul comrades, these unique creation partners, are the most visible gift from God that we may ever hope to celebrate and receive as a species. Twin souls are invested with the powers to heal and change the world, as suggested by famed pairs as diverse and incomparable as Magdalene and Jesus, who most brilliantly rekindled the promise of a new human covenant with God (end of 2012 note: I now see that Magdalene and Jesus were twin flames, and Mother Mary and Jesus were the twin souls), Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, who taught as an unexpected guru pair that spiritual evolution was now calling for our direct and conscious participation, and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who in the midst of unenviable human frailties founded a nation never before seen to lead the future dream.

The current state of sad affairs (so to speak) with separated twins is a symptom of the planet now, which as we all know is in the final stages of the most significant transformation in at least many thousands of years: some would say since Atlantis, others would say ever. And my encounter with the phenomenon of unhappy twins was inevitable given the nature of my soul’s essential service, which is evident from my visionary lifetimes as the mystic Hildegard of Bingen and more, in that I help to lead the manifestation. I point the way to the divine destiny which is beyond the belief and experience of most people currently alive, and my writings get fortunately preserved and only really treasured and vindicated in the centuries that follow. I’m a bit ahead of my time, much to my recurring dismay. You'd think I’d learn and be glad of it, but you can see how it can be a hardship to really know what absolute greatness the human condition is meant to enjoy and as yet has not and shows few signs of ever getting there.

It is vital now that when twin souls meet and one awakens in their heart much more or differently than the other, so that when the near-inevitable separation comes they despair of ever being fit to live again, they not die of their heartbreak but join the company of other souls in a similar predicament. I was blessed by the universe with the return of a great karmic friend, a shaman soul whose experiences so parallel my own, to nurse me from the tragedy of my twin soul not being ready to stay and grow further in my direct and grateful company, despite how much we were both so happy to have met and helped each other activate and change our lives as only twin souls can. There is a kind of purgatory for abandoned twins that is forming now, and it is not so bad, though I will warn that I had to experience a shamanic death to enter it. My heart chakra literally died and was replaced after my twin gave their final notice; I didn’t know this and it’s rare, but chakras can fall off and grow back, as one woman I know had it happen to her third.

Feel free to contact me at returnofhildegard/at/gmail/dot-com if you are in the pains of knowing who is your twin soul and not being welcome there (notice I just spelled that out a bit to stop spammers). It is essential that you receive the support you need to survive. God has not abandoned you, and in fact the future is immeasurably grateful to your sacrifice which shall be rewarded beyond your imagination, though you may rightly not conceive of a life of love again. You will survive and thrive in a whole new way that will change the course of history, for you are strong as God, and your strength is greater than any army or this most potent poison you have swallowed or the beauty of that most singular flower whose fragrance you have inhaled. You were created for this moment which remains breathlessly poised upon the threshold of eternity, and your courage to carry on will see the future dream reborn. You must believe in yourself half as much as all the angels beg you to, for they know of the depths and height of the challenge to which you have been raised. The universe is just beginning now, and you must remember that the pain you will survive is a window for the world. Your soul is in your body now.

Update 1/3/2012: I am understanding the topic better now, along with feeling healed. Because they are born from each other, twin souls are in essence each other's parent and child simultaneously. Their meeting returns each other back to the Source and retrieves each other's soul only as much as each is ready to experience, so a balance of joy isn't guaranteed even if unconsciously a mutual benefit is exchanged that will unfold in time. Free will must be respected here in order to not suffer. And then the individuation will take place, just like children growing up, so twins will part ways naturally. You're ready to explore the world with your activated soul and find your own conscious preferences after reuniting with your twin. I am going to follow now some teachings which distinguish between the twin soul as the one who gave birth to you and you to them, versus the twin flame who is any truly infinite compatible partner (you carry a torch for each other).
    So I was incorrect in my romantic assumption that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were the twin souls, no, they were perfect mates with compatible kundalinis to explore the universe together, better called the flames. Mother Mary and Jesus were the twin souls. I'm not sure about many other examples either, still researching, but I do know one rare twin soul romance was the poets Elizabeth and Robert Browning, and whether they might not still individuate apart in future lives is unknown to me.

Update 5/7/2013: For my latest blog post on this topic, see here:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ascension poetry from Jane Ward Leade

...I posted the following in my meetup at If you're in the Boston area, you might want to join, as we're discussing monthly now the secrets of the eternal life of love divine. Don't worry if you can't attend of course, everyone learns sooner or later. :-)

A mystic truly after my own heart (or should I say before?) wrote this over 300 years ago (excerpted from The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking by Jane Ward Leade)

The Mystic Ladder of Ascension High,
Is fixed for near Communion with the Sky;
Angels Ascending, and Descending free:
Such now shall Mortals be.

Who on Cherubic Wings of Faith and Love,
At will through Earth and Heaven shall freely rove,
Emptying below their upper Springs of Bliss,
And make Earth Paradise.

... you can read more about Jane, here's a good little bio
... and her uncommon writings online
... and even how her meetup used music and dance to commune with the angels

You might say she's the Hildegard von Bingen of 17th century England, and she was born the year that Jakob Boehme died. I love a good history lesson. ;-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

sorry, heaven is taking a little longer...

If people knew what it was costing them, to keep slogging on with their all-too-common distanced approaches to daily living that would seem to fall safely short of what might be called sins, in the comfort of defenses against feeling that appear good for maintaining status quos at the tolerable risks of a little spiritual monotony, which can always be relieved as needed by voyeuristic reactions to the more violent delights in the world than they would themselves sanction but which they seem helpless to cease – if they knew all they were forfeiting to avoid the truly safe lives of eternally unfolding and sharing their soul’s greatest joys with their own immortal beloveds and friends, most of whom remain only half-imagined but never forgotten in the rarest peak moments of that somnabulent thing which they call daily living - then people would realize the hells they had created for themselves and each other, and try anything to change overnight, including feeling more divinely protected, beloved and guided than they ever thought possible. Feeling that limitless depth they would indeed love and change the world overnight.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

eulogy for Beth

delivered by Carl J. Schroeder, 11am Pine Plains, NY, July 30, 2011 Peck & Peck Funeral Home

Each of us is so much bigger than we know. Human beings are vast beyond imagination. When we are born, we are given finite lives in which to feel infinite love. This is not possible, it doesn’t seem fair! Time and again, we are both condemned and privileged, to experience the openings to boundless love followed by the limits of incalculable loss of that love. It is both the greatest joy and the hardest pain we will ever know, to so love and lose love, and still, at least for now, this is the way we must go.

When we gather to remember a life as beautiful as that of my sister Beth Schroeder, Steve’s wife Elizabeth Ashton, your friend Beth, the heart aches and the soul longs to have her still here with us in the physical body. But Beth has made the leap into pure spirit, she is energy now. And because of the infinity of who we each are, we can also experience, each in our own ways, that Beth is still here with us, just as we were always together with her there, in that infinite place from which we all come. Trailing clouds of glory, as the poet once said. You are glory bound, as my sister once wrote, and sang to each of us with her open heart.

Beth was close to everyone and everything, that is who she was and always will be. A shining good soul of service to this vast universe, greater than we or even she will ever know. Humble and strong, unjudging and true, Beth felt her own way through life as we all stumbling do. As signs of her closeness to our parents, she was diagnosed with cancer on the day of our father’s funeral, and then she lived 11 more beautiful years with us all. Beth entered that change we call death on the day of our parent’s wedding anniversary, which was two days before the day that our mother died. Beth’s life was pure magic this way, and still she did not know fully who or what or how great she was. None of us do, and yet we live and love on.

I grew up with Beth, we were just 3 years apart. So I was a little bit older and wiser perhaps, but we’ve always been close. All of my life, I have felt a great presence that was guiding and encouraging me to live my own dreams, often quite literally, and time and again I would be amazed to discover that this presence was Beth. For I am a mystic, I like to push the limits of eternity in the physical form, I want to know God and that source of the infinite love as clearly as I am by divine grace allowed.

When you’re young you don’t know who or what you are, so Beth and I looked forward to the future together, equally eager and confused by it all. As I worked out my mystical path, I had experiences that made me an absolute freak to most people, there were so many things that I could not talk about. And always Beth heard me. She was my longest most trustworthy confidant, and she would never judge. As I figured out how the universe worked, she would say oh Carl, that’s so incredible, you make me feel so ordinary in comparison. And I would say Beth, but you’re right there as well, you just don’t even know.

Well now sister Beth knows. She knows more than all of us put together, because we’re still limited to our physical forms, and she is free and beyond all that pain she was enduring just to stay a little longer and brighten our lives. When the body becomes a shell, and the spirit needs to expand, we are given that freedom to go. And actually, it was a miracle and a blessing that Beth lived largely pain free and far beyond her medical prognosis, even up to the last big bluegrass party that Beth and Steve had in their backyard just 7 and a half weeks ago.

All of us expected to live long happy lives with Beth, each in our own ways, and now she is gone and transformed. But I have to tell you, that this is what she does, she’s done this before. Until the world is ideal, until there is heaven on earth, Beth is one of those shining ones who focuses us on the months and days that we still have together, so that we may make the most of our precious time in the body. For too many years we have known that Beth might not be around much longer, and so we cherished and shared with her even more. She had a way with all life. She tended her gardens, her cats and her dogs, and she tended to all of our very own souls.

On the morning of Wednesday July 27, I awoke a little before 7am with a song in my mind. I was expecting to go drive to see Beth in her final days, after having given a talk in Cambridge the night before on spiritual love. The talk had gone well and was another great step for my dream career, just as Beth had always encouraged me to develop. Beth believed in people and the power of love, and she was as I said a great presence in my life for me finding myself.

So I’m not saying this is the best song for you all to enjoy, it’s rather punky and rebellious and mystical from my college days. It’s by Pete Shelley who was known for pushing gay rights, which as some of you know was just one of the many social justice concerns that Beth held. As I resonated with some of the lyrics about the needs for more love and change in the world, I cried that morning way way beyond my expectations, and I didn’t know why. Then Steve called me to say that Beth had just passed in his arms. So I posted these lines on my facebook page, because I knew that Beth had spoken to me as she was leaving her body in these words of this song:

I have a feeling, and I know it will never die
It’s part of the answer for asking the reason why
Out of the darkness the bright light surrounding me
I’m a part of everything I touch and see

I feel the sound of thunder and laughter
It’s tearing me apart
I hope that you will remember
The echo of my heart

Witness the change
Witness the change
Witness the change
Witness the change

Both Beth and the world are changing in ways that we can barely imagine, to make humans more free. Beth has gone ahead of us, because her soul is so very big, and her body could no longer contain all that she needed to be. To the very end I was learning more about my sister, and how much she loved. Just a couple weeks ago I was blessed with a final weekend’s visit with Beth, and she spoke of how proud she was in her job as a New York state town clerk that by law all couples would now be able to marry here. She said she would leave her job soon though, because she wanted other people to have to hand out those marriage licenses, it was too easy for her to not judge. For Beth it was easy to celebrate love.

I apologize if that issue presses your buttons, I have to say that I felt Beth wanted me to mention it, that’s all. She was and still is an activist for a more compassionate world on so many levels. Her close love of nature and ecology is huge of course, so if you want to remember Beth, be good to a plant, a garden, an animal, yourself. Enjoy music and art, because she shared that with us as well. Many of you know and treasure her original songs, she had a beautiful voice, the voice of a soul and the lyrics of a seeker after that soul. Her humility was in being both lost and found, not rising above anyone else, and serving human needs as they came to her. She was the family caretaker, she helped my father and mother and grandmother to pass at the end of their struggles with cancer, now she is free of her own.

One last story that I don’t think she’s ever told anyone, I hadn’t heard it before. On that last visit day, I told Beth how I’d had another one of my mystical dreams, in which a melody from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake came to me. I was so profoundly moved by this dream, and because I’ve long held mystical feelings for Russia, and had the amazing experience of adopting one of my beautiful sons from there, I speculated that in a past life I had heard this song at an original performance of the ballet in Moscow. To my surprise, Beth said oh, which melody. I sang it, and she said oh my god, that’s the one! When I was a little girl, I loved that song so much that I choreographed my own dance to it, but when I went to dance it at a recital this girl who hated me broke the record, so I had to dance it without music. That was difficult, but I did it, I was so proud of myself! So I was amazed as Beth and I found and played the song again for each other on her computer, because this was yet another example of how when you least expect it, Beth will be there, to encourage your dreams and share the way.

So now, I would suggest as a kind of meditation, I’m going to play this short song from Swan Lake. Let’s imagine that this time to dance her dance, Beth has the music, but not the physical body. Close your eyes, and see Beth in your mind, and open your heart. Beth has a new body of light, it is graceful and it goes everywhere that she is called to love and serve. You know how much she always wanted and expected to be here with us for more years in this life, it’s just that her body was tired and could no longer contain the great soul that Beth was and is and shall ever more be. Thank you God, for the many blessings we know as Beth.

(played Swan Lake act 2, final scene, the piece that is about 2 1/2 minutes long)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ask Carl

Oh this is just so sweet. Someone asked me on facebook such a wide-open heartfelt question, like something you'd ask a guru, that I thought, what am I supposed to say to that? But then I said it, and I liked the answer that came to me, so let's post it here on the blog! It's been an intense day, number 2 of a 5 day workshop I'm taking on Vortex Healing, which is basically an enlightenment healing modality. The class is wonderful, full of the language of awakening experiences that I can relate to from my own journey thus far. So I'm grateful to the universe for this opportunity to play teacher after playing the student all day, and many thanks to Wilma for the brilliant question!

Q: What do you do to get your vibration up and the world a better place? Or isn't that the purpose or meaning of ascension? Sorry, but I am really a beginner in this and have a lot of questions.. Thanks in advance. Love, Wilma..

A: Hi Wilma! To get vibration up and make the world a better place, boy that's a big question! I would say the most important guidance I use is sustainability. The world is so full of advice that doesn't really feel good in the long run, like the idea of good and evil both need to exist and remain in balance. What, who says that? Just because there's evil today, I don't want it still here a thousand years from now. I'd say that evil is tiny and stupid and on its way out. Still dangerous of course, so use common sense, and ask angels and guides what to do when you run into some. Stuff like that, just question authority and decide for yourself what would make the world a better place, then live from those beliefs and see where they take you. Good luck, and feel free to ask any more questions!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers and Angels

Happy Father's Day! And I say that to everyone, since I know we've all been fathers in one lifetime or another.

My dad spent his first whole day in the next world on Father's Day 2000, ie. he passed the afternoon before. Here's a link to my story of how I met the angel that was coming for him, and how dad let me know that he appreciated my eulogy: My Dad's Angel

I wrote the piece over 10 years ago, and there's a photo of me even older than that, but the message should be largely timeless. I would just say that I'm clearer now that angels are their own class of non-human helpers, and humans become spirit guides when they evolve. As for fathers, well it's only natural that children should worship them, since they hold the position of teaching us how to function to spread love in the world, complementing the mother's role of teaching us how to embrace ourselves. Sounds easy enough, so what happened?

Because we all must experience betrayal to bring our consciousness into the fallen reality that we have yet to raise into eternal life, so many of us must struggle with the polarity of wanting to see our fathers in the best light, and knowing that he taught us as much or more about struggle and pain than self-esteem. But Dad was just a person after all, and it's wise to find a compassion and forgiveness that allows us to move on to places that he, like the patriarchal god of the old age, would never go.

Hope that didn't sound too sobering. There are so many ways to experience father's day, and being with my own kids today will be one of them. I don't feel like my dad, I feel like myself, and that feels really good. Becoming ourselves is everyone's ultimate goal, and it's nice to see people for just who they are.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse

Today's total lunar eclipse is relatively rare, since it is also central, meaning the moon will contain the Earth shadow's center point. The center of the moon will pass very close to the center of the Earth's shadow at 20:13 GMT (4:14pm in my New England), and has not been closer since 2000, and will not be central again until 2018. For images to explain this see

In this blog you have seen how much I like nature symbolism. The Earth's shadow is passing directly over the center of the moon. The moon reflects the sun, so the moon is the unconscious body and the sun is the soul with the warming light of God. In cycles the physical body can reflect a beauty that reminds us of the divine source. When we worship the body instead of the source that gives it life, we become mad with ego, and thus howl at the moon.

Psychologically the shadow is the parts of us which are lost and denied. People assume the shadow only contains the dark ugly negative secrets, but as we evolve and clear ourselves then the shadow becomes increasingly just more good stuff that we didn't know about and could be asking for. So at 8pm England time, 4pm New England time, we can look forward to our unconscious minds, which literally are our bodies and personal reality, becoming centered on a lost part of ourselves, a shadow that we would like to know more about. It's a time for soul retrieval and opportunities to be more of ourselves. For example, let's look outward for synchronicities and inward for senses as to who we were in past lives and who we can become in the more liberated future times.

I am so very grateful for past life friends and connections that keep coming to me, especially in recent weeks as I network more about my new website where I fully reveal that I was Hildegard of Bingen. For those who know about her biography, I can say with great joy that Richardis is back! She's one of the greatest friends I have ever known. The journey of becoming the soul is miraculously abundant and magnificently good, so I wish you all the best to locate and stay on your own path as well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is Ascension?

Yesterday I gave the first talk of my new career, and it went really well, thank you universe! Friends were advised by the angels in early spring to create a day long event of speakers, artists, and psychic readers called the Life Art Heart expo (note the Earth in the center). This was planned for a lovely coastal backyard in Massachusetts where similar events have been held before, but rainy weather drove us inside for a modest but solid attendence that felt most cozy and sincere. I was honored to be the wrap-up for a roster of amazing guest speakers who addressed a variety of high-vibration topics, including angels, akashic records, sacred geometry, and ascended masters. About 25 people paid wonderful attention as I answered the question "What is Ascension?" I felt so honored to be so understood, respected, and appreciated by such a spiritually attuned audience, thank you!

I followed the talking points of a handout that said nothing about me but only listed the new website revealing my past lives at, so a few folks might get a kick out of that later. I also was guided the day before to create a new meetup group for continuing the topic, which will be held on 4th Tuesday evenings for anyone local to the Boston area, details at For those not local, I'll soon post below the notes and an audio link from yesterday's lecture, so check back here later.

I made new friends and got a reading to the effect that my spiritual career is building steadily. It's certainly true that networking through facebook recently has been amazing, including the discovery of more compatriots of past and future lives! I look forward to more chances to speak near and far. Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragements; I'm hearing that my energy is calming and positive, my message clear, my voice strong, my charisma good. It's taken many years to get to this point in my life of offering my gifts to the world, because it's taken that long to understand them myself. Re-membering the whole self is a steady process. To everyone who longs to share more of their soul with us all I can say honestly, if you have the dream implanted in you then you can and will get there. Take heart to enjoy the journey of becoming, because the world is waiting just up ahead for you to arrive at the right moment of momentum for you. All in God's time, for all that is good, trust and invest in yourself sustainably. Day by day, step by step, believe and be well.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

It's a very special day, as May Day has not been the Sunday after Easter since 1859, and will not be again until 2095. This is exceeding unusual, and further interesting to me since my Gregory of Nazianzus lifetime was involved with the setting of the Easter date calculation at the First Council of Nicaea in 325.

May Day is enthusiastically celebrated around the world for many causes, including spring fertility, the nearness of the spirit world (second only to Halloween), worker's rights, and St. Walpurga, who has been credited with being the first published female author in both England and Germany.

Please enjoy your May Day festivities, and when you get time you may visit my new website at, for which I'll be sending the following emails so you may thus cut and paste to assist in spreading the word:

Subject: Announcing the Return of Hildegard of Bingen

Dear Friends of the Heart of the Future of All Humankind,

It is time for more of the past and future to be known as it lives in this present destined moment.

Here, now, as you read this message, the greater Universe that calls the Earth Home would like you to know, that one more little piece of the greatest puzzle before us All Now is fitting and ready to shine. Perhaps you have heard of the visionary German abbess Hildegard of Bingen, who so dearly longed to see this precious planet healed and reunited from her perspective in the 12th century. The year of opportunity called 2012 is fast approaching now, and Hildegard is back and working with reincarnation expert Dr. Walter Semkiw to rejoin the soul communities who have returned to help the Children of Gaia become One in the immortal wisdom and love of that most beautiful place, long foretold, called Heaven on Earth.

For fans of reincarnation and soulmates reuniting, spiritual evolution, inspirational arts, and all those curious things that would have us know more the loving living God, please enjoy our new website at

Many blessings to you and yours,
Hildegard, Vladimir, Gregory, and Carl

Hildegard of Bingen
Vladimir Soloviev
Gregory of Nazianzus
Carl Johann Schroeder

Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Easter with Love

Dear readers, to celebrate this very rare Easter Sunday April 24, 2011, I offer the following excerpt from my upcoming book “Remember, You Belong: Discovering the Love that’s been Waiting for You”. May you be blessed to know that the world has become again new, and you are forever loved.

By the spring of 1998, I knew that I was Hildegard of Bingen in a past life. So many wonderful synchronicities, dreams, visions, and other mystical emotional experiences of my entire life were aligning perfectly with this new awareness, so that I was looking forward to my place on Earth with the future of humanity as I had never before. Still, two points were troubling me in relation to the visionary German abbess.

One, I felt fairly obsessed with trying to decide whether she had ever known personal romantic love. I could feel her love of God, that was filling me to new heights of familiarity, no question of that! But I wondered if she’d faired any better than I in finding a soulmate for life, a peer with whom we could really belong. And two, I felt rather sheepish to admit that unlike Hildegard, who spoke often of our Savior and (as I learned later) saw Him in sapphire blue, I remained unconvinced that the story of Jesus was true. He seemed more like a poetic beautiful myth, or at best a composite good philosopher. God was so very real, but God in human form? I just wasn’t getting it, sorry to say.

On the morning of March 25, 1998, I awoke refreshed from a pleasant little dream about a friendly rust colored fox and grey squirrel chasing each other playfully in a park and kissing noses. I thought it was just another symbolic puzzle for my journal collection, amusing but also disappointingly trite. But then something else happened. I lay in bed awake and, without falling back asleep, I went directly into a vivid alternate reality that fully surrounded me. I was lucid and this was startlingly real.

I was seeing like a guest from the eyes of a woman who was both gentle and sad. She had black hair, a little curly, and wore blue and brown clothes with a cape and hood over her head. I felt that she/I was someone very distinct, and she was so terribly missing someone most dear and precious to her. She went to a cave where he had been lain, where he was dead, and to her surprise the cave was open. She walked into the entrance in wonder, and I felt such a wonder too, at the incredible feelings of intimacy and importance. I was being brought along with her to share in something so monumental, and I was honored to be her trusted friend. She knew that I was inside of her head, sharing with her everything that she saw and felt.

Inside the small cave room we could see some rows of ghostly seated white forms, facing forward to the back of the stone space, away from us. As we entered there were strange sensations of moving into a powerful energy field like nothing of this Earth. We heard many whispered gentle voices, saying “do not be afraid”, “be prepared to see a lot”, and “it’s going to be okay”. For a moment I backed out startled and felt separate as Carl, seeing the scene as if watching something on a TV. Then I went back into the woman’s head and we went forward again.

All the white outline forms rose to greet us. There were many gentle voices rising and falling likes waves on a beach. The forms came into focus as shining light people, and they parted for us to see better what they had gathered for. I heard clearly “do not be afraid”, “he’s not of your species”, “he’s assured us that he’s working for your kind”, and many other comforting murmurs about Jesus.

When I heard the name Jesus I pulled back out of the TV again. I though oh geez, what is this, some kind of new agey science fiction version of the life of Christ and resurrection? But I felt peaceful, so I reconsidered. I thought: it seems reverent, it seems genuine, just not everyone is going to go for this kind of thing! When I decided that I was in personal agreements with the event, I was drawn back into the woman’s head, where again I intently felt her own feelings and saw from her eyes.

This woman was amazed and a little bit curious, but she was not frightened, because she just really loved Jesus as a person. She loved him so dearly, so intensely, with a passionate devotion that caused me later when I wrote of it in my journal to well up in longing and tears, to feel a poignant sharpness in my chest, and to breathe with heavy labored emotions.

She and I kept peering forward through the luminous forms as they moved aside. I was amazed to hear multiple voices with subsonic components. The soothing tones of the glowing beings said more mysterious things that we caught in pieces, such as “we’ll keep him one or two more days, then you can see him”, all in response to the woman so dearly wanting to love and hold her beloved again.

I was beginning to wonder more clearly in my own amazement “am I inside of Mary Magdalene?”, when suddenly we could see all the way to his face, the face of our dearest one Jesus. We could just glimpse him at the far end of the room, past the shoulders of the parting white spectral forms. He looked surprised, healthy but going through wonder too, even as he was missing Mary as much as she was missing him. He just wanted to hold her and be held by her too again.

Respecting the couple’s feelings with total admiration, I softly studied the face of Jesus. He looked pretty much like I had been raised to expect: the kind sincere gentle face, with brown hair and beard and moustache. The hair was shorter than usually depicted. He appeared intelligent and searching, with deep qualities I could relate to that made me feel safe.

“Mary!” I heard him cry out in our minds, as his expression confirmed to his beloved how much he too wanted her back. He met her/our gaze of affection with his own of great tenderness, and then his eyes began to shine and glow. It got a little scary because his pupils disappeared as an intense blue white light streamed out from him, totally filling us and the room. He was becoming not human, the transformation was startling, and we just wanted him to stay human and be with us again. “Come back, what’s happening to you!...” Mary called out. But the blue white light came up over us like a search light, and whoosh! I was completely energized and overwhelmed, so much that my eyes snapped suddenly open and I sat bolt upright in my bed.

This brief timeless experience electrified me beyond anything I’d ever known. I was high for days and months afterward, as I’d catch myself repeating suddenly at intervals and weeping “Jesus is real, Jesus is real!”

That he loved her as much as she loved him, that they loved as I too hoped one day to know love, in the love that humanly personal and intimate with the devotion that reaches from beyond the grave… this touched me as I had never been touched before. There He stood in all the divine energy of God flowing through human form, and the most important relationship on Jesus’ mind, even as he was being transformed to the next step of cosmic evolution, was to be in the arms of his personal beloved again. The most tender longing of one human being for another could contain everything, everything, there was no loss.

Mary Magdalene was the first to see her beloved Jeshua, Jesus, return. As much as the Bible is otherwise biased to the view of male disciples who doubted that the Lord would first visit a woman, they could not keep this telling cosmic detail from recorded history.

Some people might find this concept offensive for the one who has been called the Savior of all humanity, that the first relationship he needed and wanted to return to in this world could be so personal, so romantic. Or that Jesus could even have a significant other, that he could be so human while so divine. But why, are we not all aspiring to live as He, and do we not all long to know our own love? I found the revelation to be absolutely beautiful, perfect, glorious and magnificent. It changed my life.

Later I discovered that the esoteric traditions of Jesus and Magdalene belonging together as a divine couple have been popular throughout the ages and are making no small comeback today, but I had not steeped myself in this material at the time. Why would I have let in such ideas, when I had not even thought that Jesus was real? But after I had become unexpectedly and wholly initiated into this perspective, I had the greatest validation of my own heart that I could ever require.

As the poet Hafiz says “All a sane man can ever care about is giving Love.” And to whom but the mate of your own eternal soul can you give more of your personal and unique heart of love, united by whatever forms you may find yourselves near and far? In the total joy of wedded souls you circulate together from and back to the source of all Love itself, planting your own sacred heart in the other to whom you are most closely created in the tender trust and enthusiasm for life itself, giving thanks to receive back again from the one you treasure most.

Jesus had awakened in me the power to know that God is totally personal, and that the divine begins here with the most intimate experience for which we are made in Earthly form to desire. Somewhere in this vast Universe, all of which I am truly called to love, there will be one beauty most rare to whom I am destined to return, and this one will be from their soul missing me as much as I am from my own missing them.

Later, I discovered that the morning of my precious new vision of love, which had birthed in me a new hope for the dream of a personal beloved with whom I would always be joined in the very eyes of God, was itself a significant day of the liturgical calendar year. I had not been raised Catholic in this life where it is more commonly spoken of, but March 25 is a full nine months before Christmas. Nine months being the term of a pregnancy, March 25 is celebrated by Christians as the Feast of the Annunciation, when the Archangel Gabriel announced to mother Mary that she would give birth to the one known to us today as Jesus, the Savior, God in human form.

Here then was the risen dear Jesus who was now to me so totally and perfectly real, not only as a model teacher for all who would love as God would have us love One and All, but also as the fellow human being who would always know and hold onto the irreplaceable partner with whom he most specifically and personally and inseparably loved to belong and belonged to love. May their union and all unions of eternal love be blessed and comforted forevermore; now I know they are.

Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25

Happy Lady Day! There is no 's because this is the traditional Middle English name from the Middle Ages for Lady's Day, which is March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. It is now 9 months until Christmas, because this is the day that Archangel Gabriel announced to Mother Mary that her son would be Jesus, who would be called Son of God, for he would bring the new covenant between humans and their Creator to become divine in the body.

This is a very special day to me because on Lady Day 1998, with no Catholic background or awareness of the day's significance, I was visited by Mary Magdalene who took me to see her risen Beloved, and the two of them filled me the knowledge that creation partnerships like Isis and Osiris are so very real. I will never forget the blue light of Jesus. Immortal love is at the heart of the universe, truly in deed.

Many blessings to you and yours on your journey. Call upon Mary and Jesus to find your way Home to the love and the peace that passeth all understanding. Call upon whichever Mary or both, depending on what you need, for the Holy Ones are nearer than near and wish more than anything to help you to unite with your immortal Soul.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan: Remembering Atlantis

The heart is calling us to remember our connections with the human family as the multi-layered tragedies of Japan unfold after the unprecedented 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster of last Friday March 11. Please understand that I mean no disrespect to the suffering as I become more intellectual in today’s blog; you may refer back to my entry on Monday for the heartfelt first response and inspiration.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the beautiful Japanese people and their proud island nation have given us humanity the biggest wakeup call to date to remember Atlantis. It is time. I am hearing of people having spontaneous flashbacks to a mythic land that they only half-believed and for which they had no evidence.

On Saturday the Reuters news service released a story about how an international team led by Connecticut professor Richard Freund (German for "friend") has supposedly discovered the most credible evidence to date for an earthquake and tsunami devastated Atlantis under the southern coastal mudflats of Spain. They additionally claimed that inland from the site there are Atlantis-like ruins built in homage by the survivors of that advanced civilization that became suddenly and totally submerged. Location and descriptions are entirely consistent with the writings of Plato, which constitute the only historical record of a place whose memory has refused to fade.

I had to wonder if this story was timed opportunistically with the Japanese tsunami, but no, in fact the news was released in advance of a National Geographic special aired on Sunday night to detail the discovery. The program was planned far in advance of the weekend’s nightmarishly synchronistic events. It is this timing that I find most significant and indicative of a greater unconscious plan, because in fact the idea that Atlantis lies buried under the marshlands of Doñana National Park is neither new nor conclusive. A city in that area might reconcile well with both the location Plato described and a geological event, but so far the evidence is not so ancient as to indicate the civilization from another era of human consciousness and power that has inspired so many mystical far memories.

To fit the grander image of Atlantis, a long lost island nation on the mid-Atlantic ridge is more commonly postulated, for which Iceland, the Azores, and Bermuda (since shifted west) could be the magical remnants we can still visit today. Similarly on the mid-Pacific tectonic seam, Hawaii is considered by many to be the descendant of Lemuria, another fabled island of pre-historic human/divine covenant. Interestingly, Lemuria is said to have served its purpose and disbanded peacefully, and now Hawaii is the location that could be most impacted by ongoing Japanese quakes, tsunamis, and eastward-blowing radiation releases. The suggestions of karma here are inescapable.

Whether you believe that Atlantis is myth or fact, locatable or lost forever, the lessons most often attributed to its rise and fall are deeply important for how humanity is to work with the Earth and its awesome energies. Many more people have died in just the past few days to give us pause to reconsider how we must go forward with modern construction and nuclear technologies upon a rapidly changing planet, so let us honor their sacrifice by making the world again a wiser better place. It is more than just the current combination of inability and unwillingness to prepare for and prevent natural disasters which defy recorded memory that is so upsetting. We must debate the folly of a short-sighted greed-driven civilization that enjoys powers it cannot control but which it knows full well can turn incalculably deadly.

Why did Japan, the most earthquake prone nation in the world, rely upon nuclear fission, the most dangerous power source ever professed to be harnessed? To concentrate chemicals whose intensely poisonous effects can kill millions for centuries, in facilities that require constant flawless attention or else risk run-away meltdown scenarios with the potential to destroy all life on the planet (yes, in a worst case that burns and spews radiation for years), all the while inviting the vulnerability of theft by stupid evil for deliberate destruction in terrorist devices, and all just for the convenience of a large heat producing capacity that can drive some turbines to sell electricity to a culture hooked on consuming ever more resources, is insanely immoral. The human ego’s thirst for power has long outpaced the will to live in humble harmony with nature, as evidenced first by the devastating pollution of the fossil fuel driven industrial revolution, and then by the atomic age of exponentially expanding information castrated of any real wisdom.

So already, countries are reacting to Japan’s misfortune by inspecting and shutting down their own nuclear power plants, and this alone is an expectably desired outcome. Experts are emerging to denounce the obvious greed of a corporation that maximized storage of spent fuel, insufficiently prepared for the truly inevitable worst case scenarios, and continues to under-report the dangers of a burning nuclear facility to a public whose trust is rightly broken. It is very sad when it takes a tragedy to motivate humans to do the right thing that they had previously hoped to avoid because it wasn’t the most convenient for a short-term gain. God is not uncaring and the universe is very wise and good, but disasters are primed when humanity does not take the earlier benign indications for a safer future and instead keeps banking upon a mistake or failure never happening.

From financial bubbles bursting to naturally triggered disasters for which we can only speculate the preventability of damage had we been a more intuitively guided society, innocent loving people will continue to bear the brunt of nightmare scenarios to remind us that sustainability and harmony with divine principles called us to greater wisdom long ago, only we did not listen.

It is never too late to listen to the calls for caring, and the more we do, the more we will see the world transform rapidly to become unimaginably better. Human beings carry heaven within them. All that people were created by God to naturally desire, all that oft derided love of wealth and power, is justly granted in God’s wealth and power of love. You were not born to be disappointed in your drive to live with your beloveds in the joy and abundance that modern technology promised without wisdom, but the heart must guide the humility of mind. Not all paths were meant to be followed, as too many human beings become by their sacrifice the living examples for which way not to go. Ultimately, by the path of the divine which calls unerringly, we can all go Home together. Only the human ego that hoped to dominate by its own power rather than cooperate with the heavens for true and loving influence will be disappointed, and that ego is not who you nor I ever really were or wished to be.

The myth or fact of Atlantis is that a high civilization developed based upon incredible powers, but too many people given power were not in their hearts sufficiently advanced to be responsible for the blessing that is the God given opportunity to live and love together upon dear Mother Gaia. The Atlantean technology drew upon vast Earth energies in ways so elegant that we cannot now imagine, simply because many of the abilities of natural crystals to tap into geomagnetic and nuclear forces have been excised by the collective unconscious to prevent another Atlantean disaster. Today we use electronics based upon vibrating quartz crystals, silicon, and semiconductors precisely aligned down to the molecule, in order to summon electromagnetic and nuclear forces, so in essence we have reinvented the wheel again but with new devices.

What happened in Atlantis, as best as various people can remember across the thousands of years and lifetimes, is that rival groups abused the powers lent them to advance personal short-sighted gains, to the point of upsetting deep natural forces and triggering the earthquake and tsunami that cataclysmically destroyed and buried overnight that pinnacle of human civilization which included great arts and sciences of love and spirituality. The tragedy was so shocking to the evolution of humanity that, like Nazi Germany, it can never be forgotten; Atlantis is encoded in our DNA for us to remember and prevent from repeating. We have come perilously close, by the evils and ignorance of the 20th century that will continue to haunt us for generations on so many levels, and yet in the 11th hour we keep saving ourselves. Thus we must take heart and let God speed, for this time is deadly serious, and yet the hope of life and love beyond all threat is real.

The 9.0 magnitude quake of Japan is among the greatest in known history. The island of Japan is now 8 feet wider, with 250 miles of eastern coastline 2 feet lower. The Earth is shifted slightly on its axis and the day is slightly shorter. Precedents are few. In 1755, Lisbon Portugal was destroyed utterly and suddenly by a massive offshore quake and tsunami that affected millions all along the coast of Europe. This came at a time of great Enlightenment thinking in Europe, and reactions were varied and extreme. Was God mercilessly cruel, what did it mean, how could this happen? Everyone must wrestle with their inner demons at a time of great wake-up call and choice. Because of the experience of Lisbon, French author Voltaire became disgusted by the optimism of German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz and famously ridiculed his view that "this is the best of all possible worlds", by describing a parade of horrors in Candide which are ever glossed over by the blindly faithful Dr. Pangloss.

I would not recommend glossing over anything however, for that would be the way of more ignorance and evil. It is a time to dig ever deeper to find the hope of God within your own experience. Your soul is waiting for you in the depths of your life’s own complexity, a complexity which is aptly daunting to the ego but thrilling to the heart and mind which prepare themselves to guide you ever homeward. Be not afraid for the intensity of thoughts and feelings which you will experience and indeed cannot avoid. The devil is in the details so they say, and it is true, the devil of the unexamined life awaits to be purged by your greater spirit which knows and trusts the way to God. Go forward into that night step by loving step, do your best, and know that you are never alone. Though your senses may fail you and your body become weak with tragedy, loneliness, and despair, will by your sense of greater destination to reach out and grasp the hopes of love that are writ large upon the face of the human kin that calls you to ever earthly care and return to heaven's joy.

The soul of Japan (for indeed, as groups of individuals connected by a culture, nations too have souls which are most beautiful) has made a great sacrifice to wake us up to that which cannot be forgotten, so let us honor this courage of a people even as we help our brothers and sisters to survive a day that is so dark as to seem like endless night. The gentle Japanese are sadly not strangers to the horrors of energies misapplied. For having followed the will of dictators and aligned with the evil in Nazi Germany, and from having attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor in World War II, the Japanese people were sadly condemned to the first and only nuclear assault upon civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Just 9 years later in 1954, the first Godzilla movie was debuted to silent weeping audiences in Japan, for few still know that this forerunner of absurd monster flicks was made to both evoke the atomic bomb and protest a more recent horrifying injustice done again by a power-hungry United States that had not learned its own lessons. The fallout of an atomic test, code named Bravo near Bikini Atoll, enveloped the Japanese fishing trawler Lucky Dragon number 5, causing the blackened burned fishermen to return to port in Yaizu, stagger about the city spreading radiation, and sell poisonous fish into the marketplace. We can only hope now that the radioactive clouds from the burning reactor at Fukushima blow most safely out to sea, and yet surely that too will come back to haunt the future generations who seek to sustain themselves from the ocean off Japan.

It is important to remember that, while their systems and structures may fail and mistakes abound, people retain God within them to show for in the end. When we see the good inside to which our souls were always committed, we make this the best of all possible worlds from which we have already entered the bliss of manifesting heaven. It is most beautiful and clarifying to identify and celebrate that inherent goodness of the nascent human spirit; it is one of the most basic ways we can love, to see with the eyes that recognize and acknowledge love precisely where it moves and dwells.

Here for example is a story from Japan that speaks for itself; it is the kind of ray of hope and light that we need to uplift for the uncertainty of days and weeks and months and years ahead. God bless and protect the Japanese people as the soul of true human progress calls us together to a better life.

Ode Magazine: A Letter from Sendai posted by Anne Thomas on 3/14/2011 11:30 am



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