Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reincarnation Coast to Coast

Tonite my dear friend Dr. Walter Semkiw will be on Coast to Coast AM radio, interviewed for 4 hours about his reincarnation research and new website at! This is very exciting as the station is a phenom of alternative thinking and spiritual culture, with millions of live listeners and online archives for later listening. Walter wrote "Return of the Revolutionaries", helped to found the United States as President John Adams, and is the greatest champion alive for the new global society that will welcome and nurture the return of souls and their immortal destinies. Walter's validations have been vital for launching my career as a spiritual writer in more than one lifetime, so I'm incredibly grateful to his vision. Three cheers for Walter, You Genius! :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In Praise of Conditional Love

On One Condition

Just don't abuse me,
and I will love you forever.
Please don't abuse me,
so I can love you forever.
A part of me was made specifically for a part of you.
But if you try to kill another part
to which you have no response
just because it makes you fear
that I will leave,
then I will have to go.
You are not the only one I love;
that's why not all of me belongs to all of you.
But our love is unique in all the universe,
so please please let me forever give
that part of me that's just for a part of you.

by Carl Johann Schroeder, Jan 11, 2012,
you may share with credit given.

And just to be clear so there's no undue concern, the poem came to me from thinking about relationships that were unsupportive of my potential so I couldn't feel safe and had to leave to be and explore more of my true self, a situation that's often felt in families of various kinds where there are psychic contracts to not go outside the box. I share the words to resonate with many kinds of emotional unsafety, and give strength for making better boundaries like we all need for the changes of 2012. No one's growth should suffer from another person's problems that they need to solve for themselves.

Monday, January 2, 2012

the sister world

Here is a fabulous video lecture on youtube, a summary of state of the art research into the sister world as Merlin calls it affectionately. I've met the beings there, they were nice to me, but since they're wary of humans (for good reason) not everyone finds them so friendly. Note that I met them in dreams and meditations, so you definitely don't need to do radical shamanic potions that can hurt your body and land you in jail.
Graham Hancock: Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca

Sunday, January 1, 2012

a song for 2012

Happy New Year! Here's a hopeful song that came to me for 2012, may it bring you the peace and joy of "Heaven Now"

I didn't make a post for Christmas, I hope that time of the return of inner light found its blessings for you. The song is from the winter solstice 2 days before, so I think it carries some of that energy forward now.