Monday, August 6, 2012


... and now a little humor to lighten the Weltschmerz ...

No • Ism • Ism

A noismist believes that the world is comprised only of free agent individuals who are fully transparent to everyone but themselves. There are no movements, no schools, no ideologies. No groups, no isms, no families, no histories, no karmas. All of that stuff is totally fascinating and meaningful, and in the final analysis irrelevant. Just a bunch of invented and shared justifications for what a person really wants to do with you right now, and still you wouldn’t have guessed, it didn’t follow. If you approach people in this light, you won’t get fooled again. They’re just looking to behave as they’ve been wanting to, by building up the courage of a context and pretext in which to act with impunity. Direct sensing of intentions is the goal of the noismist.

“Excuse me, are you looking for someone to grow with and love? Are you looking for someone to blame and punish? Come on, you can admit it to me, if not to yourself. I won’t judge, I won’t tell. It’s just that I can’t believe anything you’ve said about yourself, because it fails to explain you. I’ve met people who have been through everything that you have, and they didn’t act like you at all. This is just the way you are, doing what you want, isn’t it? Sure it is, and if you don’t like it then change, but don’t shoot the messenger. Hey, stop that! Okay, I’m outta here!”

Public noismists tend to be short-lived. How many people are privately noismist remains unknown.

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