Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Eve

On the eve of new beginnings, we must remind ourselves that today’s problems came from yesterday’s solutions, and will become tomorrow’s opportunities. This is so because balance is ever refining, and consciousness is ever increasing toward its own ideals. For example, today’s Earth is choking on pollution created by the industrial revolution which gave us the means for a higher standard of living for all humanity. Were we stupid and wrong to make those cars, build those factories, mine those raw materials? We will make ourselves wrong if we sit in our misery today and point the fingers of blame until we die. We will make ourselves right and wise and ever ascending in our mastery of love if we congratulate ourselves for the good intentions that we found a way to yesterday, and set about together inviting the best outcomes for tomorrow. Envision, for the universe works, and it will always bring us around to the next area of refinement necessary for our shared journey into Godhood.

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