Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Message 2012

Merry Christmas beautiful world!

In my religious heritage, Christmas is the time for the savior's birth, the baby Jesus who calls forth the divine human awakening within us all. As Meister Eckhart, Dominican monk of 14th century Germany, so beautifully put the challenge before us always now:

We are all meant to be mothers of God. What good is it to me if this eternal birth of the divine Son takes place unceasingly but does not take place within myself? And what good is it to me if Mary is full of grace if I am not also full of grace? What good is it to me for the Creator to give birth to his Son if I also do not give birth to him in my time and my culture? This, then, is the fullness of time. When the Son of God is begotten in us.

I'm joyful therefore to announce my Christmas creation, my gift to my self and the universe and you. This is it, oh my God dear friends, this feels to be my breakthrough youtube video lecture on the return of the divine feminine which finally gets my energies out into the world at the level that I have been working for all of my life. Everything went so smoothly, so magically in its production, and what you will see is the very first and only take. I am so incredibly grateful to the universe, for I have always dreamed of being the spiritual inspiration teacher again, but it's hard when you don't know who you are, what to say, and what to do. But now at the age of 49 I'm here, knowing it, saying it, doing it, and practicing more gratitude and love with each passing day of confidence in help and miracles.

Thank you for being my friend and believing in me, because I have truly always wanted nothing more than to be your friend and believe in you. I love humanity, and first we must find and love the humanity inside of ourselves to shine. You will shine, you will grow, trust me. You too are a drop of the precious ocean, a seed of divine love. May God and Goddess bless you forever more, and very best holiday wishes to your own projects of dreams, destiny, and desires to become the immortal loving soul of holy perfection that you truly are.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Eve

On the eve of new beginnings, we must remind ourselves that today’s problems came from yesterday’s solutions, and will become tomorrow’s opportunities. This is so because balance is ever refining, and consciousness is ever increasing toward its own ideals. For example, today’s Earth is choking on pollution created by the industrial revolution which gave us the means for a higher standard of living for all humanity. Were we stupid and wrong to make those cars, build those factories, mine those raw materials? We will make ourselves wrong if we sit in our misery today and point the fingers of blame until we die. We will make ourselves right and wise and ever ascending in our mastery of love if we congratulate ourselves for the good intentions that we found a way to yesterday, and set about together inviting the best outcomes for tomorrow. Envision, for the universe works, and it will always bring us around to the next area of refinement necessary for our shared journey into Godhood.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Carlton Pearson and the saving blood of Christ

Wow! For some reason the local NPR chose to re-air the amazing story of Carlton Pearson, the charismatic mega-church black minister and evangelical bishop who lost everything when he dared to reveal what God told him in his heart. I just happened to catch it and was so inspired! Through the 1990's Carlton built a massive following preaching the fear of hell to audiences of 5,000 every Sunday. This is how he was raised, that God was going to punish you for eternity if you didn't accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior before you die.

Then one day Carlton was watching the TV with his family, and saw starving children in Africa. He realized that so many would die without being reached in time by missionaries. He looked to his plump infant daughter, then back to the TV, and thought how can God send these poor children to hell just for having never heard of Jesus Christ? And God spoke in his heart and said, is that what you think I'm doing? And God went on to say to Carlton, all people are saved and loved and going to my heaven, but you have misrepresented me, that is why people fear me and have religious wars. Hell is made by people, not by me, and I am asking you to help me change this world to be the heaven it was meant to be.

And from that day forward Carlton renounced hell and the need to go to church to be saved. He lost everything, as he built his new doctrine of inclusion that said hell is here on Earth right now, and we have to change the church. He went down from preaching to 5000 to just 200 of the faithful, as he was branded a heretic and scorned by the fire and brimstone crowd that grew up on the fear of hell as the sole/soul motivator. He became poor and befriended by the outcasts, the gays and alternative believers who had been hated and cast out of their own fundamentalist families. Carlton said the Bible was written by people with political designs and not always correct, as he became a new kind of evangelical. He still preaches for the saving power of the blood of Christ, but not because you’re going to hell if you don’t believe, but because you’re loved and destined for heaven, and you need to feel more loved in this world.

I love this guy! Listen to the story online here.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Syrian angels call for prayers now

I read recently in the blog of a friend (well, a past life associate who freaked out a bit when I told her I’d been looking for Elisabeth von Schönau for 14 years and here she was now) that a teacher she follows, Stuart Wilde, advocates empowering our prayers by praying first FOR God rather than TO God. That everyone prays to the gods for health, wealth, and power, but the ancient Hindu wisdom is that first the gods need our prayers and blessings for their own growth and well-being, followed by our prayers for so many more in need in the world, and then having established our true caring for others we can most effectively slip in some grateful requests for our personal lives. This approach resonated with me, not because the Shining Ones do not exist without our attention, but because we must bring them closer and stronger into our realities, where of course divine love will move everyone to act for the good of the All in One and One in All. So many beautiful variations on the great themes of God sing we together here now!

I also believe that the most effective way to call more of the divine into your life is to act on the gifts that you already have, even if they don’t seem like gifts to start. So many people desperately want more God, wisdom, love, and purpose in their lives, but then shrink from growing the seeds that they already own. We have been trained in the system of ego domination to doubt our own talents and experience, to think that what others can do is the only right way, especially when they have trained and developed for years to impressive heights. But we must start from where the real feelings begin in ourselves, no matter how small our own mustard seed.

In mediumship this is known as give what you get, i.e. to stand and speak what Spirit is delivering to you. It gets the flow going, to open-heartedly offer into your personal world that which God has set aside just for you. Each of us has unique talents of soul that the universe wishes to exercise in service to the beautiful needs which were originally designed to bring us together in love. You simply cannot know all the good that will be set in motion by your honesty, gentleness, and sincerity as you share up your particular strains of inspiration and connection to the divine. The call of God is a test only so far as we make it a test – if our egos get in the way, then we tend to face the oppositions and suffer for yelling our truths to those who have not ears to hear. But if we’re willing to speak gently and see who most deeply responds to our love, then we will be protected by the angels and joined to see miracles grow. Hearts open like flowers, they cannot be forced as so many try, but the warmth of our sun and dew of our tears will make the ready ones bloom.

In this spirit of giving what I got, I am setting aside my prior concepts of what I should and could do this morning, to share with you now a revelation from dream which caused me to awaken singing and then burst into tears as I realized the full extent of what had been given me to speak of. The nation of Syria is in the final throes of a terrible civil war this very weekend, and I had not been following the news closely. For this I have experienced the angels of ancient Syria coming to raise my awareness and appeal for mercy and prayers. They need us NOW, and I believe if you open your heart you will feel their call and find your own way to respond, by the way of your soul which uplifts and edifies the Great All which includes God, the angels, Syria, and you.

I was awakened by a group of female voices singing “Oh Hama Hama, amin dabo!” It made my heart glad to sing this phrase into my audio journal recorder that I keep by my bed, and I continued to sing it as I got up and stretched and thought over my dreams. Here is the simple recording I made, having no idea at the time that I'd soon be posting this on the internet!

I dreamt that I showed a male coworker a picture I’d drawn for a concert that I realized I was planning to give. The poster was of a goddess as big as a mountain in a long flowing white robe that was shaped like a mountain. The perspective was looking up so the face of the goddess was distant at the top, but when I looked at the face there was behind it a sun of massive golden light that suddenly shone right off the paper and made the image real, more real than the dream itself. This startled me, until my friend and a woman told me that another woman was in town to play at the concert tonite. I apologized and said yes, I’d planned a concert months ago but hadn’t worked on it since, so I’m sure it’s been cancelled for tonite. But the woman showed up with her guitar anyway, so I said well maybe we can find a talent show for you to play in today, since you’re ready to go.

Then they took me across a field to a small building where an dark-skinned man made an emotional appeal for donations to help his war-torn country that was somehow connected to Africa. He said a dictator was destroying the land and he just needed a dollar from each of us. He then went around and I found myself offering two dollars rolled up in two pages I was holding, but he said he only needed one dollar for some kind of registration process and took that gratefully. Then I left with my friends to go back to our building, but I realized when I got back that I’d left my favorite olive green jacket at the place. So I went back alone and was glad to find my jacket. When I picked it up in the room, women’s voices began singing “Oh Hama Hama, amin dabo!” until I woke up singing it too.

As I thought about the dream, I remembered that tonite is a coworker’s Hannukah party, where several of us are musicians together so we may sing some holiday songs. I’d had other dreams this week of wanting to make music again (it’s an occasional hobby as the spirit moves me), so I resolved to go tonite to honor the dream and sing the new melody. A context of Middle East peace seemed apparent now, and I wondered if my Jewish friend could tell me what the words mean. I sang “Oh Hama Hama, amin dabo!” as I then searched on my computer, and burst into more and more tears as I found several facts that deeply resonated. (Don't you just love the internet!)

Hama is an ancient city in Syria that is hugely famous for its massive water wheels called norias, used for watering gardens as far back as 1100 BC. When I saw a photo on Wikipedia of a noria on the river Orontes, I cried with a deep soulful recognition and felt a part of myself living there. The giant goddess of flowing robes in my dream seemed immediately connected with the towering flowing waters of Hama. I am especially sensitive to the water element and felt deeply called. The city is named Hamath in the Bible, and settlements there date back to the early Neolithic and Stone Age, or 12000 years ago. Clearly Hama is a cornerstone of civilization that God and the angels have long blessed.

Remembering then the appeal in my dream of the dark skinned man for help and caring for his war-torn country, I realized that the suffering of Syria was now of great concern to my spiritual heart. The token dollars he collected seemed to be the prayers that were needed immediately, and the fact that I wrapped two dollars in two rolled papers spoke to me of my dual existences from which I inspirationally write, as both myself in this lifetime and others in past lives. The man wanted only one dollar from me because it was up to myself today to act on his appeal.

And what of the phrase “amin dabo”? I googled again and quickly found that “amin” is the Islamic and Arabic word for amen, and “dabo” is Latin for “I will give (to you)”. So the Arabic amen evokes more of the peace bridging to my Christian past lives, many of whom spoke Latin, especially Hildegard who lived her whole life in the shadow of the brutal Crusades whose legacy is in no small part the westward hatred of the Islamic extremists.

Peace come to Syria, the angels of Hama are calling us now!

So I burst into more tears to realize the full power of this prayer as I sang: “Oh Hama Hama, amin dabo!” Oh Hama Hama, I will give to you on this day of my open heart, amen!

Please keep Syria in your prayers in the coming weeks, and share this story and song if it helps. I enjoyed going into spontaneous chanting starting from the simple melody, so you can extemporize as you feel the energy move. And I think it’s no coincidence that the ancient city of Hama has spoken for its war-torn country, so that the next time you hear of fighting between Hamas and Israel you will make an additional connection to a place of great beauty and peace, which the Middle East is destined to become once again.

Thank you and Many Blessings,
Carl and Hildegard