Friday, July 23, 2010

Blessings or Curse, you decide

A recurring theme of this blog will be the incredible power of your own singular choice.

To cling with fear to the old world whose illusory control is ending forever, and take your chances on survival. You might live, that is true, but what life is that, when so many of those whom you love will not make it with you, and the planet will be sick and choking as you manage to scrape by.

None deserve such a fate, least of all you. You who hold a light deep inside, you who love more than you know.

Or you can choose to remember the Hope of your Soul, that childhood inspiration, expectation even, that got buried inside. To one day live the life to which you belonged, the one that you're perfect for. The life that you just knew had to exist for you to have ever been born, complete with your destiny to be free in a safe happy world.

We call this latter choice the New Earth, but in truth it was the first and only choice there ever was. Only our eyes grew dim with a loss of recognition, as we layered the thoughts and feelings that said it could not begin here. We felt abandoned and hopeless, our actions turned us against each other and ourselves.

Still, what is left of the dream forgives us, and keeps us alive.

The Light of the New Earth is what we hope to share in this blog, because we have seen its great rosy glow. Suffusing and redefining the magic of every day, New Earth Light is already known, in commonplace ordinary powers. Powers of honesty, trust, revelation, and love. Powers so gentle and strong that they change everything for the remainer of time, which is why tyrants and despots cannot bear to look, for then it's revealed how little strength they themselves own.

They tyranny of the false choice is the final curse that you live under now.

You are so very close to having come Home.

You decide.

The Earth wanted to be your home.

Now, it is true that we live in interesting times. Times of great change, which some will call chaos and others will call opportunity. The dilemma is that there are fewer and fewer rules, because the rules were unfair and got us to where we are now. Increasingly we must rely on love, honesty, trust, and revelation.

Anything becomes possible, to call everyone Home.

"May you live in interesting times". This has been rumored to be an old Chinese curse, but there has been found no evidence for this. The best records show that the curse is the first of three of increasing severity, invented by some British diplomat to China in the early 20th century. The "curses" are, in order:

1) May you live in interesting times
2) May you come to the attention of those in authority
3) May you find what you are looking for

How strange. These three wishes sound like blessings to me!

But I guess that's only if you're sensing the light and you're excited to grow, like a blossom turned to the dawn. I want life to be interesting (I trust it will turn out well), I want the higher divine powers to notice and work with me (we each have so much to offer), and I want us to find what we each came here for, which is to live the life of ours souls upon the New Earth. Freedom, prosperity, and joy for all.

The time has come to recognize home. Some have decided that home is a heaven to which they will be raised, high above the destruction of the old Earth, where the majority of humanity will remain to weep and gnash their teeth eternally for the sins they have committed.

That seems so very sad and unecessary. Have you not cried long enough, for the mistakes blindly made which separated you from the life that you should have known?

New Earth Light sounds like a refreshment to me. New Earth Lite, more delicious, fewer calories, enjoy it guilt-free!

What if the cost of admission to your new life was your cynicism, your pain, your suffering? What if you had to let the heavy stuff go, in order to live a little, laugh a little, get used to more love?

Could the old world, so hurt and scared, have a flip side? Could nature rebound, could you suddenly love, could you know what to do, could you open your eyes?

1) May you live in interesting times
2) May you come to the attention of those in authority
3) May you find what you are looking for

Blessings or curse, half empty half full, coming or going... you decide.

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