Thursday, July 22, 2010

Old Beliefs New Beliefs

I can move with the Spirit, to be safe and secure, to do just what needs to be done.

Some of us are very practical. We do the daily chores, follow the rules, excel in all the conventional ways. Then we fall apart when the little voice calls from inside and beyond, to do something no one else could. Something incredibly personal, something that will expose us to ourselves and the world, something that comes from our Soul. It’s so uncertain and vulnerable, we wish it would go away but it won’t. Something like speak a powerful truth, sing or make art, lead a movement, or just fall in love.

Most of all, fall in love.

Others of us are more comfortable in our ideals. People call us eccentric, we don’t mind. We sing, we make art, we philosophize and observe. We feel safer with God than the people next door. We find patterns to life, poetry in the movements of nature. But when it comes to paying the bills, getting a job, or just reading the news, we struggle to cope, we’re secretly or blatantly terrified.

Please don’t leave me here God!

Most of us learn, some more and some less, to cycle back and forth. But always it’s hard. Hard to change, hard to cope. Hard to meet the increasing demands of a fast changing world, destination unknown.

For all of us, life pushes us on. The people next door might seem to have it all, and then one day we find out the truth. They were scared and alone and struggling too.

Two voices, deep inside, and they’re both really our own. One says keep going, you’ve got to believe, give it all a chance to work out. The other says you know, it might just be easier to give up and die.

Then there are the shining Ones from Beyond, who say that our lives are precious gifts. Receive and believe, love and grow.

What do they know, they don't have to live here.

They say that human needs are gifts too, they help us grow. Cherish your needs, they open doors, ask and it shall be given.

What nerve.

“But how else could it ever work out?” asks the voice which longs to see Heaven on Earth. To live the love, to wake the dream, to be a citizen of the New Earth.

The old belief that we each need to step beyond goes something like this:

I can’t change what I’m doing, I’ll get lost and I’ll die.

The affirmation that I hear, the call to New Earth, is both practical and ideal:

I can move with the Spirit, to be safe and secure, to do just what needs to be done.

God bless your own journey into Love; the future that begins here wants to see you there too.

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