Monday, October 11, 2010

The Angel Message and show report

It's Monday 10/11/10, it's Columbus Day (observed) in the United States, and with that sense of arriving in the New World, I want to exclaim that Saturday's Mystical Art and Talent Show was fabulous, such a blessing, oh my God thank you soooo much everyone who contributed, physically and beyond! For the first time in the 9 years since the shows began, I was really in my center and able to take in all the energy. I was not nervous or exhausted, everything went smoothly and I felt so at home with all the love of all of you. We're truly helping each other Home.

It's like the chapel was bursting at the seams with the light of so many beautiful Souls. Great attendence, every corner filled with inspirational images, so much art and music and poetry from the heart. People were experiencing firsts all over the place, like artists who had never before shown publicly their deepest works, and the young poets who read for the first time who signed up in just the last few weeks when I thought hmmm, we need some poets, Universe can you send us some? And then they came from near and far! Interestingly the classical pianist, who for the first time dared to just improvise on the energies of the people and room around her, found herself pulled to the highest notes consistently.

Oh everyone was just wonderful, lots of great conversations and memories, you all thank me and I thank you, and I'm just so glad we have each other. Visit the website for details of who was there, and I'll get more information and photos up as I can. Remember I'm happy to make permanent displays for all of you on the site, so you can keep sending me stuff!

Now I just want to repeat the message from Archangel Uriel that I got the day before the show, starting with the opening phrase that made me cry so much that I knew I had to share it, which was a first for me. Thank you all for letting me read this and lead the meditation to become your whole and perfect self, which came to me in the healing room of John of God from Brazil at Omega in NY the week before. So many of you enjoyed the meditation that I will record it and put it on the show site soon enough for download. I know that some of you had amazing dreams and meditations the next day as evidence to how much you let in the energies of that special night, so I'm honored to have done all I could for you, the spiritual friends for whom I do everything. Our love transforms the Earth.

Message from the Angels to The Mystical Art and Talent Show 2010

Daughters and sons of the Earth, we greet and welcome you to this special time and place, a place in time made so very special by each and every one of you. Yes, it is you whom we come to see and celebrate, you collectively and you individually, for the Spirit does know you and support you more than you had imagined. Become more of your true selves, we invite you now, for that is what you seek.

Daughters and sons of the Earth, we thank you for your courage to be here, at this time, in this world that cries out for your Love and Light. Remember you are needed here, remember you belong. By the grace of your hearts which you manifest in arts, you have already transformed this world more times than you know, and so you do again. Witness and be changed.

Dearest tender ones, concern yourselves not with much more than having a good time among your fellows at this blessed evening, but rest assured that what you do here has impact far beyond these walls that you can see. This room exists in many dimensions, countless are those who are willing to be touched by the spirits of your Souls which radiate in all directions. You are the creators of the new Earth, a precious jewel among so many worlds, all interconnected by your endless and expansive Love. You are more beautiful and brave than even we had dared imagine, and we are deeply honored to assist you now in every way. Tomorrow will be different because of what you share today.

Many blessings to you, we stay now among you your silent partners, unseen friends, and constant companions in the Light.

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Unknown said...

Dearest Carl and Company...
Thank YOU for holding the light for so many souls and for encouraging us to be our best twinkly selves. I miss you and wished I could be there at the show in person to experience all the "Love and Light". I was there in spirit, as I passed out into sleep at exactly the time the show started and woke up at the end....
Blessings on all that you do--- with LOVE and LIGHT from your Sister soul-- Marjie Harrison, London, UK.