Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A day for the rest of us

Happy All Souls day!

Also known as The Feast of All Souls, or The Day of the Dead, this commemoration for those spirits who have yet to attain the beatific eternal vision of God follows All Saint's Day, which commemorates those who have. Primarily observed in the Roman Catholic Church, this is the time to pray for those loved ones in purgatory states whose attachments to sins which occlude heavenly knowing are still being cleansed.

You know, the rest of us. :-)

For most, physical Earth is a difficult school where the bliss of conscious alignment with the soul's path comes and goes. One of the great symbols of God's promise for a new perfect life is the rainbow. Heading into last weekend, for the first time in my life, I observed from out an airplane one of the fruits of the combined efforts of divine and human will. As some travellers will recognize in the photo below, it is possible to see at least one complete circular rainbow around a plane's shadow when cast upon clouds from light from above.

The timing of my notice of this phenomenon had great personal meaning, as harmony with the soul will invite synchronicities that make one feel at the center of all creation. This specialness effect was further enhanced by the incredible observation that the rainbow was centered on my exact seating location, behind the right wing! Since I believe that God creates and works within physical laws, I had no spiritual conflict in wondering what meteorological effects could accout for such a glorious vision. Friends didn't know, so we speculated a bit wildly on what manner of miracle my digital camera had recorded, and what new day it might herald.

It was a special weekend.

The crowning lesson in humility then came to discover on the internet (just google "rainbow around plane shadow", how easy is that?) the extent of this everyman's everday miracle. The circular rainbow is always there! For those would would notice, it is called a Glory. The mechanism of formation is not entirely clear, anymore than it is for any rainbow, but it has to do with water vapor acting as prisms in the air at the width of microns.

But what of my seating position, was it lucky coincidence to be at Glory central?

The most beautiful thing to know is, the Glory is ALWAYS centered on the observer. In fact, if it were possible to see the shadow of your head when you witness a rainbow from the Earth, you would find it is at the center of the great arch which beckons before and above you. The friend or stranger who observes next to you would actually be seeing their own rainbow, shifted slightly to their position.

Imagine that. If it were not for being planted here on the surface of Earth, if we were say angels or sylphs of a material that blocked the light's passage as our denser bodies do, we would observe each one of our shadows below cradled perfectly in a circular spectrum of the living light.

Such ubiquity is truly the mass miracle! Each of our lower selves grows ensconced its own vase, this agar of luminous and colored perfection we call a reality. Each human consciousness creates its own quantum sphere by the grace of God's light from above and within. Mother Earth upholds our lower selves thus cocooned in that spectrum of love, affording us the priveledge to be so good to ourselves and to others that heaven becomes our new home, that place where shadow and light are combined, and the real becomes manifest in this purgatorial illusion that too many suffer when all were called forth to enjoy.

For each other's deliverance to Heaven on Earth, let us pray now.

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