Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vision: Self-determination is a God-given right!

Many blessings on this Veteran's Day to all those who give themselves in part and whole to the causes of true liberty. May the ways of peaceful resistance become ever more illuminated and practicable in this abundant world of many Buddhas, Christs, and countless daily saints.

Please enjoy this trailer of Margarethe's fabulous film about me and my friends, which debuted in Telluride on Jutta's reincarnated birthday and in Rome on mine. I know that the movie offers a subjective and necessarily condensed view of their lifetime, but not only is it based quite faithfully on many quotes, I feel that the director was very spiritually guided to make the experience most resonant and touching. From the opening fanciful scene - "That is the sun! That is the sun!" - I wept gratefully, for appearances of Apollo have become most significant to me ever since a certain return to the wellspring of Greek ideals and the time of Plato.

I know not the details of the German source material nor the latitudes for translation, but Hildegard's statement that "Self-determination is a God-given right!" is most beautiful and relevant, since it is indeed the sacred right of the immortal Soul as given us by God to determine our own past life selves, even as we gather each our present life supports for entering that future of the coming Heaven on the Earth.

Blessed be both One and All, for blessed is the One in All!

=>=>=> Vision: From the Life of Hildegard of Bingen

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