Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers and Angels

Happy Father's Day! And I say that to everyone, since I know we've all been fathers in one lifetime or another.

My dad spent his first whole day in the next world on Father's Day 2000, ie. he passed the afternoon before. Here's a link to my story of how I met the angel that was coming for him, and how dad let me know that he appreciated my eulogy: My Dad's Angel

I wrote the piece over 10 years ago, and there's a photo of me even older than that, but the message should be largely timeless. I would just say that I'm clearer now that angels are their own class of non-human helpers, and humans become spirit guides when they evolve. As for fathers, well it's only natural that children should worship them, since they hold the position of teaching us how to function to spread love in the world, complementing the mother's role of teaching us how to embrace ourselves. Sounds easy enough, so what happened?

Because we all must experience betrayal to bring our consciousness into the fallen reality that we have yet to raise into eternal life, so many of us must struggle with the polarity of wanting to see our fathers in the best light, and knowing that he taught us as much or more about struggle and pain than self-esteem. But Dad was just a person after all, and it's wise to find a compassion and forgiveness that allows us to move on to places that he, like the patriarchal god of the old age, would never go.

Hope that didn't sound too sobering. There are so many ways to experience father's day, and being with my own kids today will be one of them. I don't feel like my dad, I feel like myself, and that feels really good. Becoming ourselves is everyone's ultimate goal, and it's nice to see people for just who they are.

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