Saturday, April 7, 2012

Respect for David Wilcock / Edgar Cayce

What’s going on with this blog? I missed an entry for March, first time ever missing a month, and now I’m moved to write not about Easter on the day before Easter. Years ago, I would’ve tried to stick more religiously to being the spiritual spokesperson that was my past life as Hildegard von Bingen, 12th century German Christian abbess. That was just the level of obligation I felt to my destiny as well as to anyone listening. But I also became increasing wrapped up in her battles, so this approach reached a point of diminishing returns. I discovered more of my potential to be myself now, thank you God, and thanks to Hildegard’s care and example.

First quarter 2012 has been intense, with my book rewriting my life as I rewrite based on my life’s experience. This has resulted in multiple restarts for the section on ending karma and entering the flow of infinite love in God’s real universe. The battle between good and evil has laid waste to our finite worlds, both inside and out, so it’s high time to be done and transform. In the past 3 months, I have found the final karmic companions I’d been seeking for 14 years, including the current incarnations of Margravine Richardis von Stade and Elisabeth von Schonau. And you know what? We’re all from the same tribe alright, one wounded and wary tribe of monastics and teachers that has suffered long enough. There’s nothing more important than everyone getting the growth experience they need, and what we all need now is to let go the old expectations and reach beyond to a whole new sphere of liberation and awakening. I am busy appreciating now bridges to places I’ve never been before, sights I’ve never seen. The ego balks like a frightened horse, but then calms and shows its readiness for change as well. The energy moves us together into new understandings and relationship roles, where the only thing we have to fear is old fear itself. That maxim didn’t used to be true, when ignorance ruled and evil spirits had the upper hand.

This is something of why I’m drawn today to write about David Wilcock, who says he’s the reincarnation of the late great spiritual channeler/prophet Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s prolific output to 1945 laid much of the foundation for our modern new age. A lot of people are disputing David’s claim, some quite mean-spiritedly. David looks like Edgar and tries to channel like Edgar and certainly has great enthusiasm to help lead the angelic human potential another big step. But he’s too different from Edgar for many of Edgar’s old fans to reconcile, including the Cayce foundation established to perpetuate his work, the Association for Research and Enlightenment headquartered in Virginia Beach. The A.R.E.’s official position is that yes, Cayce said he would return in 1998, but they’re not sure how literally he meant that. And although David was guided to move to Virginia Beach in 1998 and looks and acts like Edgar in some intriguing ways, David is just one of the many Edgar hopefuls who turned up but couldn’t answer the list of questions to which only Edgar would know the answers (besides themselves, apparently). So that’s their litmus test, and God help them if anyone ever leaks it to the press!

Now in talking about this hot potato of a subject, I’m going to remain firmly indisputably subjective and biased. I haven’t researched this a lot, I just have some information and impressions that keep coming my way. That’s the great thing about blogging, right? I don’t have to claim that what I said was true, I only claim that what I said was what I thought was true. Can’t disprove that!

(See the end of this blog for an important followup to this point)

My understanding is that David is indeed Edgar, and all these people who criticize him for being a desperate band-wagoneer and trend follower who’s been trying to make a name for himself for too many years are only technically right. Perhaps these are the kind of people who would disown their rich parents as soon as fortunes turn and mom and dad can’t buy them the same big presents they liked. There is no love for another soul in those who rage that David isn’t their Edgar, they hold at best a love for themselves as they furiously defend what Edgar meant to them. And that is fine, that is good, because everyone needs to find and protect their own values.

People who don’t like a message should not shoot the messenger, but nor are they obliged to love the messenger for a message they like. In fact many spiritual traditions teach, as part of the lesson to let go the ego, do not pay attention to the teacher, just get the lessons. This can certainly go a long way to discourage the cults of personality that corrupt a soul’s progress in the world. But when you’re ready, when you have the teachings firmly internalized and you are called outwardly to find more reasons to love, then absolutely the messenger becomes as important if not more important than the message. Heck, this message I could have gotten in many places and ways, to some extent I already have. But you! You! You are a precious Eternal One, you braved the elements to show up at my door just in time, your soul and my soul have learned our lessons forever together in each other’s dear company! Oh my beloved fellow child of God, spark of the living divine, come in come in please, take a seat at my table, let me pour you some tea while you tell me of the places you’ve seen and for whom you have loved to go there!

This would have been my spontaneous ideal emotional response to welcome not only to David but everyone who showed up at the A.R.E. door in Virginia Beach in 1998, had I been there. Of course I was not. Fourteen years ago I was too busy discovering all the ways that I was and still am Hildegard, another famous enough spiritual figure whose fanbase includes many academics that are decidedly uninterested (I know, I’ve tried) in getting to see how her soul has evolved a new messenger’s form, much less digest a new message that might not match up line for line with the old cherished song. I have no doubt that I would not be able to answer every question that Hildegard should have known (so, when exactly were you born and where? can you name all your nuns?) I can’t even recite all the facts of this life, facts that I know I knew at the time! I can however answer questions that no one else knows to ask, like what was that formative experience she had as a girl child by the family hearth?

(Answer: Hildegard became one with a beetle as it scurried and burned on a log, we lunged to save it and thank God were pulled back in time, the experience gave us an empathy for the sufferers in hells and even their devils whom too God shall save, mercy for all beings is a hallmark of our teachings that our soul had to reactivate in this way, I saw the scene with shocking vividness in a past-life regression, I sob uncontrollably now to recall it, some people have no idea what’s happening to them in this world, but they should get some idea from the recent wave of self-immolations by young protesters in brutalized Tibet, where the culture I so loved and learned from is being further stamped out, no i do not know my Tibetan name(s) but to anyone who feels that connection I deeply recommend the recent documentary My Reincarnation which is extraordinary for bridging the worlds and bringing souls home.)

I’ve read that David’s provenance is considered suspicious because of how many attempts he’s made through the years to ride someone else’s coattails to fame, including of course the Cayce foundation. He tends to collect other people’s work and present it under his own umbrella, often for free but not always (Edgar was famous for giving readings based on the need and not the payment). I think the critics could have a point, without understanding what they’re seeing of course. Myself, I was a bit surprised that in one video David seemed all over the place for his inspiration, including pointing to a poster for the movie Inconvenient Truth as some kind of proof that humanity was about to ascend, just because the smoke of a smokestack was curling into a galactic spiral. Hello, an artist made that on purpose, it’s a great image but not a huge unconscious symbol that was waiting to be unveiled by the only one in the know whose name would be David. Ego? Sure, we all have one, including sweet, enthusiastic, smart, overeager David who is from his soul trying to help find a world big enough to call Home. At least he knows what he’s doing better than his critics, who can stick to their crib notes for what converts a complex living breathing human being into a simple right or wrong, yes or no, checkbox.

The fact is that Edgar Cayce was called the sleeping prophet because much of his fame rested on not what he said but what was said through him. Cayce was quite the spiritual temple, the grand central station; he got out of the way and went into trances, conveying life-changing guidance for both individuals and humanity from multiple heavenly sources. All this is what is recorded and feted in books and archives by so many many. Edgar’s own personality was not terribly impressive, and there were times that he neglected his family and common sense in pursuit of patrons to fund his own sense of mission and importance, which certainly could look overblown at the time. In retrospect it is easy to worship the validated vindicated heroes of history, but who can recognize greatness in their midst, and love it in another person as ordinary and rare as they are themselves? Those who accomplish this feat can not only make friends with the great but become great as well. The rest of the critics and followers, well, they’re the critics and followers, and they have their value to themselves and those who in turn look to them.

It makes perfect sense to me that Cayce, the sleeping prophet who was unconscious for his most famous work, would come back as a soul in need of more opportunities to develop the self. David collates and conjoins the inspiration of others, in clear deference to the continuing importance of message over messenger, while not being shy to say who he is and hope to be more of that too. He’s not sleeping like Cayce, he’s on late night radio. He’s brash, giving lectures, writing books, plugging himself where he can, trying to balance the needs to make a name for the work as well as himself.

David's journey sounds about right to me, a trailblazing trek I can empathize with completely. When I first found that I was Hildegard, I was ready to go national, or so I thought. I knew that I had an ego, of course. I was human, and I wasn’t going to let that stop any gospel/godspell that I needed to shout. Let people be inspired, this can happen to you, God is about! But because I’m so relationship oriented, and I’ve been guided to develop a deep understanding of the personal inner transformation toward love that is required to enter the new age already so fruitful with its outward signs, I stumbled for lack of support to be bigger than local, and stayed quieter than David for many more years. I may yet regret this I don’t know; I did what the energy made possible, but I was weak of will too at critical times.

What impresses me most about David is that after he moved to Virginia Beach in 1998 and was kicked out by the Cayce foundation, he continued to look for support, he couldn't give up. Eventually he met Wynn Free, a poet, songwriter, and freelance author who helped him co-write their breakthrough book, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? Interdimensional Communication & Global Transformation”. This book impresses many more people than David’s critics can sway, and I’m looking forward to getting my copy next week. So this speaks to me of David’s indefatigable soul that could not give up - he must be and do what he must be and do, that is the nature of divine destiny - and for this God had a plan. In my own life, I am often finding that where the old karmic contacts for Hildegard or other past lives are seen to be plugging the old work and old ways, it’s with a new contact that I am destined to discover and build a real love of the future potential.

So, happy Easter tomorrow and all that it means! I won’t recite the old texts, because resurrection, spring, and eternal flame are everywhere to be found, as you need to learn for yourself. Last year Easter I posted my vision of Jesus with Mary that changed my life fourteen years ago. I’m happy to be a messenger with a personality, so you can get to know me or my ego or both, you decide. In the first council of Nicaea, my past life named Gregory of Nazianzus helped to decide the formula for the date upon which Easter falls: it’s the first Sunday following the Paschal full moon. The cycles of nature, Her rise from her fall, are thus honored in the tradition of Christ, and I’m glad for the chance to have helped ensure that.

Am I overstating my own potentials to claim more than one historical life? I don’t think so, but time will tell; it took me plenty of steps to even say that. I completely agree with A.R.E.’s statement on Edgar returning that many explanations exist for people’s sincere claims to being someone known and come back, and anyway personalities change so they’re not exactly the same even if they are right. One critic ridicules David for supposedly saying he’s also Shakespeare and Pythagorus, and if he did then I agree to disagree but not without empathizing, and definitely not to shame. August Wilson makes a much more convincing Shakespeare, including the look and his soul’s determination to spotlight and uplift the human condition by immortal prose. For a confused period in 1998 I speculated I was too many people as well based on the stuff I was getting, until I realized that kindred spirits are in constant contact and interdependent support. Shakespeare and Pythagorus are dear friends to many; I didn't too much consider I could have been them, but I seriously thought I was Carolus Linnaeus for years (we have a kindred love for nature and remain close spirit compadres in ways I will continue to happily uncover).

You can better see how the past lives I’ve settled down to own with Gregory, Hildegard, and Vladimir make a logical set, as my friend Walter who researches reincarnations posted on his site. There are others as well, like the 17th century English mystic who lived to same age as Hildegard, running a similar spiritual community that she also inherited from the same soul as Hildegard’s teacher Jutta. Lifetimes fit together and borrow from each other remarkably; of course, they have to, they’re all running concurrently in the same play of time and space, whose stage illusion is perfectly real in its usefulness. The people who aren’t ready to embrace souls for their arcs of continuing contributions and humanity - since that would upend the very ego in them that they think claims to reincarnation expose in others - have no need to understand.

I’m doing so much better now that I know how to recognize my real friends, some in the flesh and more in the spirit. Plus more supports are always waiting to be found within the increasingly manifest union of Heaven and Earth, that magical mystical miraculous gift place where messenger and message can become eternally one, so we can all sit down for some tea together by the hearth of our immortal lives (no beetles burning on the logs this time, thanks).

I’d better get back to writing my book. Seriously, karma’s done, go to the love.

(IMPORTANT ADDENDUM 4/23/2012: I'm not going to change my original blog post here, but I'm glad now I was moved to highlight my subjectivity, apparently there was a reason! My friend Walter Semkiw has recently posted on his site that he and Kevin Ryerson and in particular their spirit advisor Ahtun Re, whom I deeply admire and trust, say that Edgar Cayce is reborn but is still a youngster, not ready to be identified, and is not David Wilcock. I don't see as well as Ahtun Re can from his vantage in spirit, I do however feel deeply and he's helped me a lot to understand what I feel. So now I look forward to asking him next chance I get what the explanation can be for the Edgar-David connection, which I was moved to defend in this blog given some rude attacks on David's earnest teachings that had come to my attention. I face the prospect of having empathized with David's best intentions beyond accuracy; that's ok, I'd rather err that way than the other. Ahtun Re has also stated that I am correct in who I say myself to be (I certainly try to watch for my ego directly), and this blog was only the second time I was going out on a limb for a reincarnation opinion regarding someone else before checking with Ahtun Re. The first occasion was Ada Byron Lovelace as posted in my blog October 2011, and that one Ahtun Re confirmed 3 days later. I have a sensitivity for significant patterns and I'm not infallible for how to interpret them, so I try to be honest about that. I still think this blog entry is built on ideas and inspiration which are perfectly valid - heart and mind opening - so I'll let it stand for itself rather than take it down for my own comfort level. I tend to do this in general, leave earlier stages of my evolution on view for greater lessons than being infallible.)


Unknown said...

Hi Carl:
Just found your blog. I am a 72 year old woman who has studied Metaphysics since I was 10 years old. I can't even begin to take you on the journey of my experience. I will say that of all the many many bodies of information and out of body travels and such, that all of the infomation in the world in the end does not mean as much as one thing. We are here to experience and master the physical reality. It does not matter what characters on the stage of life our souls and Higher Selves have chosen to play.

Well I could go on, and on but just be happy. And until you can learn to travel the non-physical planes consciously, it is best not to take the word of anyone else. It gets to be a mental game and in time you will learn to rupture the hyman of the mind and be able to look upon the totality of the whole of experience of the physical and non physical.
Janie Martin and

Unknown said...

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