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Japan: Remembering Atlantis

The heart is calling us to remember our connections with the human family as the multi-layered tragedies of Japan unfold after the unprecedented 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster of last Friday March 11. Please understand that I mean no disrespect to the suffering as I become more intellectual in today’s blog; you may refer back to my entry on Monday for the heartfelt first response and inspiration.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the beautiful Japanese people and their proud island nation have given us humanity the biggest wakeup call to date to remember Atlantis. It is time. I am hearing of people having spontaneous flashbacks to a mythic land that they only half-believed and for which they had no evidence.

On Saturday the Reuters news service released a story about how an international team led by Connecticut professor Richard Freund (German for "friend") has supposedly discovered the most credible evidence to date for an earthquake and tsunami devastated Atlantis under the southern coastal mudflats of Spain. They additionally claimed that inland from the site there are Atlantis-like ruins built in homage by the survivors of that advanced civilization that became suddenly and totally submerged. Location and descriptions are entirely consistent with the writings of Plato, which constitute the only historical record of a place whose memory has refused to fade.

I had to wonder if this story was timed opportunistically with the Japanese tsunami, but no, in fact the news was released in advance of a National Geographic special aired on Sunday night to detail the discovery. The program was planned far in advance of the weekend’s nightmarishly synchronistic events. It is this timing that I find most significant and indicative of a greater unconscious plan, because in fact the idea that Atlantis lies buried under the marshlands of Doñana National Park is neither new nor conclusive. A city in that area might reconcile well with both the location Plato described and a geological event, but so far the evidence is not so ancient as to indicate the civilization from another era of human consciousness and power that has inspired so many mystical far memories.

To fit the grander image of Atlantis, a long lost island nation on the mid-Atlantic ridge is more commonly postulated, for which Iceland, the Azores, and Bermuda (since shifted west) could be the magical remnants we can still visit today. Similarly on the mid-Pacific tectonic seam, Hawaii is considered by many to be the descendant of Lemuria, another fabled island of pre-historic human/divine covenant. Interestingly, Lemuria is said to have served its purpose and disbanded peacefully, and now Hawaii is the location that could be most impacted by ongoing Japanese quakes, tsunamis, and eastward-blowing radiation releases. The suggestions of karma here are inescapable.

Whether you believe that Atlantis is myth or fact, locatable or lost forever, the lessons most often attributed to its rise and fall are deeply important for how humanity is to work with the Earth and its awesome energies. Many more people have died in just the past few days to give us pause to reconsider how we must go forward with modern construction and nuclear technologies upon a rapidly changing planet, so let us honor their sacrifice by making the world again a wiser better place. It is more than just the current combination of inability and unwillingness to prepare for and prevent natural disasters which defy recorded memory that is so upsetting. We must debate the folly of a short-sighted greed-driven civilization that enjoys powers it cannot control but which it knows full well can turn incalculably deadly.

Why did Japan, the most earthquake prone nation in the world, rely upon nuclear fission, the most dangerous power source ever professed to be harnessed? To concentrate chemicals whose intensely poisonous effects can kill millions for centuries, in facilities that require constant flawless attention or else risk run-away meltdown scenarios with the potential to destroy all life on the planet (yes, in a worst case that burns and spews radiation for years), all the while inviting the vulnerability of theft by stupid evil for deliberate destruction in terrorist devices, and all just for the convenience of a large heat producing capacity that can drive some turbines to sell electricity to a culture hooked on consuming ever more resources, is insanely immoral. The human ego’s thirst for power has long outpaced the will to live in humble harmony with nature, as evidenced first by the devastating pollution of the fossil fuel driven industrial revolution, and then by the atomic age of exponentially expanding information castrated of any real wisdom.

So already, countries are reacting to Japan’s misfortune by inspecting and shutting down their own nuclear power plants, and this alone is an expectably desired outcome. Experts are emerging to denounce the obvious greed of a corporation that maximized storage of spent fuel, insufficiently prepared for the truly inevitable worst case scenarios, and continues to under-report the dangers of a burning nuclear facility to a public whose trust is rightly broken. It is very sad when it takes a tragedy to motivate humans to do the right thing that they had previously hoped to avoid because it wasn’t the most convenient for a short-term gain. God is not uncaring and the universe is very wise and good, but disasters are primed when humanity does not take the earlier benign indications for a safer future and instead keeps banking upon a mistake or failure never happening.

From financial bubbles bursting to naturally triggered disasters for which we can only speculate the preventability of damage had we been a more intuitively guided society, innocent loving people will continue to bear the brunt of nightmare scenarios to remind us that sustainability and harmony with divine principles called us to greater wisdom long ago, only we did not listen.

It is never too late to listen to the calls for caring, and the more we do, the more we will see the world transform rapidly to become unimaginably better. Human beings carry heaven within them. All that people were created by God to naturally desire, all that oft derided love of wealth and power, is justly granted in God’s wealth and power of love. You were not born to be disappointed in your drive to live with your beloveds in the joy and abundance that modern technology promised without wisdom, but the heart must guide the humility of mind. Not all paths were meant to be followed, as too many human beings become by their sacrifice the living examples for which way not to go. Ultimately, by the path of the divine which calls unerringly, we can all go Home together. Only the human ego that hoped to dominate by its own power rather than cooperate with the heavens for true and loving influence will be disappointed, and that ego is not who you nor I ever really were or wished to be.

The myth or fact of Atlantis is that a high civilization developed based upon incredible powers, but too many people given power were not in their hearts sufficiently advanced to be responsible for the blessing that is the God given opportunity to live and love together upon dear Mother Gaia. The Atlantean technology drew upon vast Earth energies in ways so elegant that we cannot now imagine, simply because many of the abilities of natural crystals to tap into geomagnetic and nuclear forces have been excised by the collective unconscious to prevent another Atlantean disaster. Today we use electronics based upon vibrating quartz crystals, silicon, and semiconductors precisely aligned down to the molecule, in order to summon electromagnetic and nuclear forces, so in essence we have reinvented the wheel again but with new devices.

What happened in Atlantis, as best as various people can remember across the thousands of years and lifetimes, is that rival groups abused the powers lent them to advance personal short-sighted gains, to the point of upsetting deep natural forces and triggering the earthquake and tsunami that cataclysmically destroyed and buried overnight that pinnacle of human civilization which included great arts and sciences of love and spirituality. The tragedy was so shocking to the evolution of humanity that, like Nazi Germany, it can never be forgotten; Atlantis is encoded in our DNA for us to remember and prevent from repeating. We have come perilously close, by the evils and ignorance of the 20th century that will continue to haunt us for generations on so many levels, and yet in the 11th hour we keep saving ourselves. Thus we must take heart and let God speed, for this time is deadly serious, and yet the hope of life and love beyond all threat is real.

The 9.0 magnitude quake of Japan is among the greatest in known history. The island of Japan is now 8 feet wider, with 250 miles of eastern coastline 2 feet lower. The Earth is shifted slightly on its axis and the day is slightly shorter. Precedents are few. In 1755, Lisbon Portugal was destroyed utterly and suddenly by a massive offshore quake and tsunami that affected millions all along the coast of Europe. This came at a time of great Enlightenment thinking in Europe, and reactions were varied and extreme. Was God mercilessly cruel, what did it mean, how could this happen? Everyone must wrestle with their inner demons at a time of great wake-up call and choice. Because of the experience of Lisbon, French author Voltaire became disgusted by the optimism of German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz and famously ridiculed his view that "this is the best of all possible worlds", by describing a parade of horrors in Candide which are ever glossed over by the blindly faithful Dr. Pangloss.

I would not recommend glossing over anything however, for that would be the way of more ignorance and evil. It is a time to dig ever deeper to find the hope of God within your own experience. Your soul is waiting for you in the depths of your life’s own complexity, a complexity which is aptly daunting to the ego but thrilling to the heart and mind which prepare themselves to guide you ever homeward. Be not afraid for the intensity of thoughts and feelings which you will experience and indeed cannot avoid. The devil is in the details so they say, and it is true, the devil of the unexamined life awaits to be purged by your greater spirit which knows and trusts the way to God. Go forward into that night step by loving step, do your best, and know that you are never alone. Though your senses may fail you and your body become weak with tragedy, loneliness, and despair, will by your sense of greater destination to reach out and grasp the hopes of love that are writ large upon the face of the human kin that calls you to ever earthly care and return to heaven's joy.

The soul of Japan (for indeed, as groups of individuals connected by a culture, nations too have souls which are most beautiful) has made a great sacrifice to wake us up to that which cannot be forgotten, so let us honor this courage of a people even as we help our brothers and sisters to survive a day that is so dark as to seem like endless night. The gentle Japanese are sadly not strangers to the horrors of energies misapplied. For having followed the will of dictators and aligned with the evil in Nazi Germany, and from having attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor in World War II, the Japanese people were sadly condemned to the first and only nuclear assault upon civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Just 9 years later in 1954, the first Godzilla movie was debuted to silent weeping audiences in Japan, for few still know that this forerunner of absurd monster flicks was made to both evoke the atomic bomb and protest a more recent horrifying injustice done again by a power-hungry United States that had not learned its own lessons. The fallout of an atomic test, code named Bravo near Bikini Atoll, enveloped the Japanese fishing trawler Lucky Dragon number 5, causing the blackened burned fishermen to return to port in Yaizu, stagger about the city spreading radiation, and sell poisonous fish into the marketplace. We can only hope now that the radioactive clouds from the burning reactor at Fukushima blow most safely out to sea, and yet surely that too will come back to haunt the future generations who seek to sustain themselves from the ocean off Japan.

It is important to remember that, while their systems and structures may fail and mistakes abound, people retain God within them to show for in the end. When we see the good inside to which our souls were always committed, we make this the best of all possible worlds from which we have already entered the bliss of manifesting heaven. It is most beautiful and clarifying to identify and celebrate that inherent goodness of the nascent human spirit; it is one of the most basic ways we can love, to see with the eyes that recognize and acknowledge love precisely where it moves and dwells.

Here for example is a story from Japan that speaks for itself; it is the kind of ray of hope and light that we need to uplift for the uncertainty of days and weeks and months and years ahead. God bless and protect the Japanese people as the soul of true human progress calls us together to a better life.

Ode Magazine: A Letter from Sendai posted by Anne Thomas on 3/14/2011 11:30 am



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