Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ascension poetry from Jane Ward Leade

...I posted the following in my meetup at CosmicDocent.com If you're in the Boston area, you might want to join, as we're discussing monthly now the secrets of the eternal life of love divine. Don't worry if you can't attend of course, everyone learns sooner or later. :-)

A mystic truly after my own heart (or should I say before?) wrote this over 300 years ago (excerpted from The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking by Jane Ward Leade)

The Mystic Ladder of Ascension High,
Is fixed for near Communion with the Sky;
Angels Ascending, and Descending free:
Such now shall Mortals be.

Who on Cherubic Wings of Faith and Love,
At will through Earth and Heaven shall freely rove,
Emptying below their upper Springs of Bliss,
And make Earth Paradise.

... you can read more about Jane, here's a good little bio
... and her uncommon writings online
... and even how her meetup used music and dance to commune with the angels

You might say she's the Hildegard von Bingen of 17th century England, and she was born the year that Jakob Boehme died. I love a good history lesson. ;-)

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