Monday, August 15, 2011

sorry, heaven is taking a little longer...

If people knew what it was costing them, to keep slogging on with their all-too-common distanced approaches to daily living that would seem to fall safely short of what might be called sins, in the comfort of defenses against feeling that appear good for maintaining status quos at the tolerable risks of a little spiritual monotony, which can always be relieved as needed by voyeuristic reactions to the more violent delights in the world than they would themselves sanction but which they seem helpless to cease – if they knew all they were forfeiting to avoid the truly safe lives of eternally unfolding and sharing their soul’s greatest joys with their own immortal beloveds and friends, most of whom remain only half-imagined but never forgotten in the rarest peak moments of that somnabulent thing which they call daily living - then people would realize the hells they had created for themselves and each other, and try anything to change overnight, including feeling more divinely protected, beloved and guided than they ever thought possible. Feeling that limitless depth they would indeed love and change the world overnight.

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