Friday, August 26, 2011

the coming "Lovacalypse"

On the discussion board for my meetup group at I posted more information about twin flames and soulmates, with important concepts especially for those who have suffered in relationships. It's not a lonely hearts club we're forming after all, but a group that aspires to know and love the divine self, around which the perfect life can form. There are a lot of theories as to what will happen when the chakras open in December 2012, and my precaution is along the lines of the "Lovacalypse". People's hearts are going to open wide to a spectrum of relationships and projects with their soulmates and twin flames, in ways that demand the full incarnation of their soul energy. Not everyone will be in sync or willing to become so tender and vulnerable as to give the yes that the heart requires.

Psychologist Dorothy Tennov estimated from research for her 1979 book "Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love" that 11% of the broken hearted in relationships that end badly attempt suicide. That is a tragic loss of the ones who were willing to feel and try to be present with something more powerful than they could deny. Love has been shallowly defined in our culture as primarily romantic pleasure or parent-child bonding, but what happens when people really deeply feel from their eternal souls the love of serving the Earth together, by all manner of divine assignments that really make the difference to One spiritual planet? Some are going to say no to things they were born to do, and others will take that free-will resistance to their presence as a deep rejection of their very essence. Self-esteem will plummet, and some of the best people will feel so unwanted and isolated they will consider dying. Those on the darker path will consider harming the object of their affections, which is one reason why so many fear opening to being loved in the first place, they don't trust what will be done to them. We need to save more hearts and lives!

Learning to get beyond the existential crisis of unrequited love with deeper tools of self-knowing is a primary skill for becoming the stronger truer self who can be there and endure for the world as it wakes up. It is an angelic quality that we need in order to survive the pain of egos growing up. Think how many times you must have refused the comfort and wisdom of an angel. Karma will require that we revisit many people we have known in past lives who will say no to who we are before we can move on to the ones who are saying yes. The call to honest self-sacrifice is required to give the lost ones that chance to change their minds, and we must not suffer for it nor perpetuate the harm. Suffering is pain that never ends. Pain cannot be avoided on the planet at this time, but by transforming it to love we change reality.

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